Renoise crashes on render to sample

Renoise crashes everytime that i try to “render to sample”.
I have been using renoise with rewire but it crashes even when renoise is the only music-program running and rewire is not in use.

I have a PC and a Fireface UC soundcard. I also have a novation launchkey connected to my computer over usb.

It helps if you give more info, used OS, Renoise 64 bit / 32 bit, steps to reproduce, contents of log file, does it happen with all plugins, native dsp etc.

it dosent even have to be a plugin. its enough that i try to render a sample from a pattern with no effects on it.
this far have i only sucesfull been able to render a silent track.
So the only thing i need to do to get a crash is to try to render. its a hard crash so i recon i dont get any log-file?
I use the latest version of renoise in 64 bit.

Open up Renoise, go to the top left and click ‘Help’, here you have an option ’ show the log file’. You’ll be automatically transported to the correct folder, if you try to open the file while Renoise is still active, you will get an error notice. So first close Renoise before opening the log.

The last entry in the log is the most recent Renoise boot, so you probably have to search before you can find the particular instances where Renoise crashes.