Renoise crashes when starting a new song, or loading an existing one

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So, the problem I’m having: Renoise halts when starting a new song or attempting to load an existing one. This started happening after I created a template for BBC Symphony Orchestra, which I did because it’s the instruments I use the most. However, now I’m unable to load any songs I’ve saved in the past, or create a new song, even with no template. It just hangs at “Creating new song” until Windows throws up an error saying that it’s not responding.
Is there any way to fix this?


I would try a fresh install and see if that helps

I had reinstalled it 6 days ago. Is this going to be a weekly thing? :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you send us or attach the Renoise.log file? You’ll find it by clicking on the “Help” → “Show the Log File…” menu entry in Renoise.

If the plugin in the template song is the problem, you can remove the whole template by clicking on the “File” → “Delete Template Song” menu entry.


Hey taktik, thanks for the reply. You’ll find the Log.txt here - Log.txt -
As you’ll see, I managed to get a couple of songs loaded, but it seems every time I try to use New Song (No template) that’s when it hangs. I’ll backup and remove my template song to see if that fixes things, because Renoise was running smoothly before I added that.


According to the log “BBC Symphony Orchestra” is crashing. Maybe when getting closed.

That’s also the reason why you get this crash when loading a new song or starting a new one. Because “BBC Symphony Orchestra” (probably instantiated in your template song) first gets closed before the new song is loaded or created.

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Thanks taktik. I was worried that would be the problem… it’s the plugin I use the most. It also makes sense why it crashes when trying to create a non templated song because it hangs when Renoise is attempting to release the old song, which is full of BBC SO plugins from my template.

Just to update, removing my BBC SO template allows me to open previously saved songs without it hanging now. I just have to make sure to close Renoise before attempting to open another song after that.

Edit: I also just noticed I can drag the old template file onto Renoise to load it if I need to, so that’s great!

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