Renoise(d) Vinyl Release From U.S.

Hey everyone. We’ve been fans of this board and Renoise for years but it never really dawned on us to post about our releases/latest news here until this morning. Funny how that works. In short, we released a 7" back in October that was heavily Renoise-based and even featured the .XRNS file for remixing. I know this is borderline spam considering it’s our first post, but we hope you’ll see through it because there are some pretty cool things you might really enjoy. If there’s a problem, please let me know. If you like what you see, AWESOME! Be sure to check out the Amiga/Octamed based skull shirts at the bottom.

@Team Renoise: Thank you for an amazing program.
@Everyone else: Thank you for the amazing community.

Now on with the spam…

"The new Skulltracker t-shirts feature discharge printing on sheer jersey cotton American Apparel t-shirts for that awesome, vintage, metal band t-shirt feel.

All pre-orders will be sent a link to download Skulltracker wallpaper for your computer/mobile device. Download info will be manually sent to the email address used to make the pre-order within a few hours. You ask and we consider. Sometimes we even listen.

The pre-order ends Sunday, the 13th of October. The shirts will begin to ship Monday, October 28th (possibly sooner) and the official release date is Saturday, November 2nd - Day Of The Dead. The pre-order guarantees that your size will ship."

Skulltracker Tee - Red (

Skulltracker Tee - Jungle (

"This release marks the long awaited follow up to Stagediver’s debut 7” on Radiograffiti and the end of our two-year hiatus. Four years in the making, this new two track vinyl features a similar proggy song structure found on his debut “I” (RGV-001), while taking undead “trailing-edge” technology to brand new heights.

Completely side-stepping the EDM movement altogether, this release is not party music for party people. Sonically it could be described as a lawsuit-worthy, wall of broken genres. Technically it could be described as a how-to in lo-fi music programming. No matter where you stand, there’s no denying II’s ambitious goal of carving a new niche in 2013. All genres are equally dissected/resented here. This is a new sound.

Programmed on an Amiga 600.
Social isolation by way of obsolete technology."

Radiograffiti presents:

CCDM - “7” Of Doom"

Radiograffiti release page:

Next in Radiograffiti’s release queue comes the debut 7" release from Chicago-native CCDM, 7" Of Doom

Transplanted to the Northwoods of Wisconsin, only to return to his native Chicago, CCDM (Christopher Persson) creates an Experimental Breakcore world with a landscape illuminated by Intelligent Dance Music. Unconventional? Yes. But when a classically trained child musician begins to dabble in digital, there is typically no other way.

After aquiring Cubase at the age of 16, CCDM spent the next nine years growing increasingly more obsessed with synthesis and computer generated sound. The culmination of those years of efforts was heard on Rusga, his first release in 2005. Subsequent years saw additional releases, including Cancer and Juxtaposition in 2007, Ill Kill Chill Pill, Ballisticore and Fletz in 2009 and 7″ Of Doom in 2010 on Radiograffiti.

A chance meeting at a Castle Tacoskull event in Chicago exposed CCDM to the underground scene in his native city. The frozen winters in his childhood Wisconsin home allowed him to prepare, if unknowingly, for each additional electronic challenge that comes his way. You’ve been warned.

As far as the actual music? We’re skirting genres here, blowing past classification, even in 2010. Like noise? No you don’t. Which is fine, because this is musical. Like music? Too fucking bad, as this could be considered unlistenable to the untrained ear. Radiograffiti listeners will know this is Quality and the B-Side is (always) better. That’s all there is and all you need to know. This release also introduces the talent of Nova!Cain, Radiograffiti’s new resident artist/illustrator from Milwaukee.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Limited (300 copies), Black, CCDM 7"
  • Two CCDM “slogan” stickers

The bandcamp download also includes a bonus .torrent file containing the Renoise file of Dirsh Birdies (Hell Cry). Go nuts.

Amiga/Octamed Skull-Tracker T-Shirts

“These limited, screen-printed, skull-tracker shirts are technically “dispyz” memorial shirts but don’t actually mention “dispyz” anywhere to avoid you the embarrassment of being called “dipsees” or “dipshitz” in public. Still features the “Mem 1995 – 2010″ and subliminal “414″ text. Design is based on the excellent, Octamed 4.0 sample tracker for the Amiga line of computers. Art was painstakingly created and traced by Ty Stagediver, line-by-line.”

SHIRT: Black, American Apparel 50/50 blend.
SIZES: X-Small<—>X-Large. Quantity is low.

Find them at the Radiograffiti storefront located here!

A .xrnx file on a 7"? :-/ Even the idea just sounds like noise to me :P

Only kidding, good luck with it, will try and listen when my head isn’t hurting so much but from the description don’t think it’s quite the style I want to listen to when recovering from being ill.

Holy shit! The A side is one mad breakcore rush I haven’t had in a long time.


hmm… Might actully support this shit. Good job! Can really see your serious about your shit!!


Whoa fucking ridiculously cool tunes, especially the first one. I need to seriously consider ordering this…

crazy stuff, bro :)

Holy f*ck. This was totally unexpected.

Thank you for the great words and yeah, we take this very, very seriously without taking ourselves too seriously, of course. All packages went out and should be reaching your mailboxes soon enough. Again, thank you for the motivation. If you’re looking for a particular size and it’s being listed as “Sold-Out,” fear not. We have more on the way and we’ll be updating any/all info.

If you are interested, we also have a few other torrents/free releases located at and through our obligatory bandcamp profile. The mailinglist also receives first dibs on various items/exclusives/etc.


Like the t-shirt, will seriously consider buying one once i can afford it… how much are they?

now to give the release a listen

Edit: well… just listened, and i think it’s time i realize i don’t really like breakcore that much :P
b-side is my favourite though

B-Side is the shit man… nothing bad to say about the other tune tho, but the flip did it for me :) wd guys!

@magOwl: Thanks! It’s an absolute banger of a 7", I agree. ;)

@thread: The shirts are $20 USD and shipping varies per location. If shipping ends up being less than what is paid, the difference is refunded asap. Proper shipping estimation happens to be an art all by itself. HA!

It should be noted that the medium sizes are next to vanish. The XS hasn’t moved at all.

As promised:

All sizes are now available, including 2XL! The newest round of shirts are on 100% cotton tees. Get these now before they’re gone.

We’ll be sending out the email, with actual photos for these and the Hexadeci 7" any day now:

You can find the form for the mailing list on our sidebar.

Ok, so I didn’t want to start another topic so I’ll just post the new information here. We just released a new 7" and while it’s not necessarily Renoise-based, it is 100% Octamed/Amiga 1200 based, so there’s certainly some crossover here. If this is frowned upon, let me know and I will not do it again. ;)/>/>

On with the new info:

Radiograffiti presents:

Hexadeci - “Alone In The Dark E.P.”

Radiograffiti release page:

A. Alone In The Dark
B. Swiss Yodelcore

Finally, a record we here at Radiograffiti think you will actually like - the 7" debut release from UK native Hexadeci, “The Alone In The Dark E.P.”

Hexadeci (and, maybe you) has waited far longer than acceptable for this release. We’ve felt the wait, too. With an original release scheduled for summer 2010, the album is ready for presentation as a D.I.Y. kit that corners the aesthetics of Xerox-punk & high-art boutique.

In September 2010 (after a three-month round of pulling out our collective hair), Radiograffiti held an online poll to let you choose the artwork for “The Alone in the Dark E.P.” The two staggeringly different options included an impressive sci-fi/horror scene from full-time animator Hexadeci and a fucking rush-job from Radiograffiti’s resident artist Nova!Cain, drawn while his kid was at the babysitter for the afternoon. Poll results swung between the center labels from one artist and cover sleeve from the other, but in the end the Hexideci art won out.

Then everything went wrong all over again. Cue the sad trombones. We decided to scrap the poll, piss off Hexadeci and make everyone wait a few more weeks. We blew money we didn’t have on ideas that didn’t work - like rigging a spray gun to a spare tire for airbrushed artwork. Hardcore.

Eventually, Ty Stagediver managed to find the time to teach himself how to hand-screen envelopes in his livingroom (which is his bedroom) to complete the suite of artwork for “The Alone in the Dark E.P.” D.I.Y. kit. It’s a departure from the usual way we present our 7" releases, and it marks the debut of non-American talent on Radiograffiti. The kit includes all of the items needed to complete one full 7" but you decide what it will be ('cause we can’t even decide what we want to eat). Will it be Hexadeci’s version? Will it be Nova!Cain’s version? Will you order three copies, make one of each, leave one sealed and hang them all on the wall with the rest of your Radiograffiti records? Like that bitch with the green mullet in the early 90’s once said, “The power is yours!” Or something.

This music is some of the best Amigacore in the past 10 years - skirting between party music for the post-apocalyptic crowd and a nightmarish take on otherwise light-hearted themes. What’s most remarkable about these tunes isn’t necessarily Hexadeci’s programming expertise (he’s totally awesome), or the creative use of seemingly random samples (Shakira? A Swiss yodeler?). No, it’s how he manages to effectively tear down dance music to shape his own tastes AND create tunes that are actually MUSICAL, instead of slipping into the same tired traps of hardcore posturing.

It’s a fun record and we promise you’ll get some seriously confused looks when you drop a Swiss Yodelcore track at your next house party. Try it. Film it. Send us the video.

It’s exciting, it’s loud, it’s flawed, it’s idea-driven and it’s how we like it. We know you will too.

Quite liking this release, good work fellas. Although 7" vinyl get on my nerves and never quite caught onto the whole digital thing as of yet…

Gr8 Artwork…will defo check out your tunes based on that, can tell you take your music seriously…low on internets atm, however, next load up will check em out! :walkman:

woot this gave me a real rush listening to your tracks and also the amigacore traxxx!!!

Couldn’t find this thread searching “radio graffiti” which is the name of the label but did eventually…

Just wanted to say just ordered a copy of Hexadeci Alone In The Dark / Swiss Yodelcore 7" from Toolbox Records :D

01 completely - - mindfucking - - || rusty - - chaingun - - based - - || and - - skulltrackerized - - || hardcore - - sound - - impacts
02 granular - - symphony - - || insane - - crows - - nervously || fly - - and attack - - || in a - - darker- - sky

i want 2 copy’s of this please. :)


Wow. Has it been two years already? Thank you all for the kind words and a huge SORRY for the necrobump/lack of response. I was going to post a new thread about this, but it might make more sense to keep it to one. Hopefully these tracker-based releases/label spam will still be of some interest.

There is a discount sale happening right now over at The sale ends on the 1st of July, so now is your best (only) chance at picking up some limited items for cheap. Subscribers to the Radiograffiti mailing list had first crack over a week ago, so be sure you’re signed up if you want to stay informed. There is also a pretty cool contest happening where you can win the original metal stampers for the first Radiograffiti vinyl release. Read on…

(Taken from the news letter)

** Web store sale/contest **

Visit right now to take advantage of a ridiculous pardon-our-dust sale happening as you read this. Everything has been discounted, so stake your final claim on items where quantities are (extremely!) limited. Help us clear things out and make room for exciting new releases. As an added bonus, all new orders between now and July 1st will be entered in a giveaway to win the original metal stampers for RGV-001. Frame them. Play them. Bootleg your own copies; because it could only be better than ours. Winners will be selected at random. Good luck.

** Stone Head “Raw Power 386” 12" + INVADERS2.MOD / LMO.MOD 7" now stocked **

We have but only a few new products from the Australian label. Stocked with the DJ/collector in mind, Radiograffiti is lucky enough to be the only US distributor of these particular titles. Both feature very nice, repetitive material from an ancient IBM compatible computer, circa 1993-1995 - written while being completely unaware of what the Bloody Fist guys were doing during that same period. Clear vinyl on the 12", black vinyl + large hole on the 7". Xeroxed B&W sticker art. Instant collectables.

That is all for now. Stay tuned for exciting news on new releases.

Let me know when you release a CD.