Renoise + Demos Seminar At Assembly 2010

Hello renoisers

I’m speaking at one of the ART Tech seminars at this year’s Assembly – and thought maybe the topic might be of your interest, since there’re a few demosceners+renoisers around here :D

I’ll be describing how to use Renoise to keep musicians, coders and demowatchers superhappy by exploiting the power of XRNS & XML :walkman:

Some details here:
It says the time is TBA but I already have a tentative date and time: Saturday 7th August, 16pm (Finnish time, CET+1 ;))

I’m totally unsure if this will be streamed live - I think it’s at the same time that the graphics compo.

Sorry about the plug!

See you there, sole! I’m presenting ASM TV, so you’ll have to come up and be interviewed by me and okkie \ :D/

(I’m serious - I have no idea what’s going down with ASMTV, but we should definitely grab 5 mins to plan out a sizeable interview about all these things, especially since I’m a Renoise fanatic too! And I don’t think okkie knows much about it, which means he represents viewers who are clueless but would like to know more :P )

Sounds like a perfect formula… :)

Oi, I’m not a spammer <_< I have written posts in the forum before!!

@Syphus: are you the guy doing the interviews to seminar speakers too?

Too bad I can’t attent this year’s ASM :( Boo. And the darnest fact is: I live almost next to the actual party place.

If i were you, i would simply take that chance and demand a few days off… Helsinki is not quite around the corner for me…

I have those days off, but I’ve scheduled those days already. Oh well, at least rest of our team is there.

I dunno if there’s a specific, separate interview, but we’ll probably try to interview all the seminar speakers on ASM TV. “So, tell all the viewers at home about specular lighting algorithms!” etc ;)

First of all, cheers Supersole for the seminar

I will give one hint, if you don’t mind: when answering the questions demosceners will pose you, please keep in mind that Renoise is not a demoscene related project, so we are not going to release a player DLL, prioritize filesize optimization over structure readability, work on 100% accuracy of replaying of legacy formats such as MOD, XM, IT and so on, and things like that

a last note: Bantai was joking :)

IT-Alien - the sorts of ‘sceners’ who request legacy format replay in Renoise are not the sorts of sceners who attend ASM, or any other demoparties. They’re not even the sorts of sceners who create productions… They’re just people with large module collections and a loose grip on reality. And I’d be amazed if any serious scener wanted a player DLL, since a non-size limited production uses mp3/ogg while anybody concerned with size economy writes their own synth/replayer. Be aware: anyone who’s requested this stuff is probably a lunatic :)

I know you’re half-kidding, but don’t judge demosceners (real ones, that is) too generally - I’d say that 80% of Renoise’s current usage in the demoscene is for making regular rendered (mp3/ogg) music while about 20% is for for generating raw MIDI for 4k/64k synths. That MIDI gets recorded and compressed and you’d have to be mental to actually want to use an XRNS’s XML data directly in your size-limited production; even more mental to ask that Renoise optimises its structures accordingly! If these people exist, they should be locked up :D

I predict, with reasonable confidence, that questions from true sceners about Renoise will mostly be about syncing with visuals and the new possibilities for control and sync afforded by OSC - in other words, all the stuff that normal people are finding cool about the latest Renoise developments. And if/when we discuss Renoise with sole on ASMTV, that’s what it’ll all be about.

well put syphus. nevertheless, we had lots of such kind of questions on the forums by demosceners. I have been into the demoscene for years myself, and I know that there are many mental people in there ;)

anyway, I have never been at ASM so I can’t judge its attendance by direct experience; if the public will be competent and above all realist, the whole seminar will benefit; I only fear people who will attend but have never seen Renoise, which should be the majority in theory: amongst them, such kind of questions may arise. in fact, most of people posing such kind of questions was people who joined the forum, opened a topic and wrote: "my XM files play wrong! please fix immediately!!!11! :angry: :angry: :angry:"

Ha ha, don’t worry It-Alien, I’m not going that way.

My seminar is more about what Syphus says – processing the XML and extracting interesting data from XRNS’s. Software synths, nowadays synchronising, etc.

It won’t go into much depth (after it’s just 45 minutes) but hopefully will give a good, general insight about the workflow for demos or intros.

Personally I think demanding 100% accurate XM/IT replay in Renoise is silly, if you ask me. But that’s for another topic I guess.

BTW I know Bandai was joking!

@dfast: it’s a shame you can’t attend this years’ party! Also, I played your “How to use Blender” animation at past week’s Euskal and people loved it --both the visuals and the music. They hadn’t watched it before and were totally amazed! :w00t: