Renoise Desktop Wallpaper

Just for fun :)

1920x1200: PNG | JPG

Alternate portrait format:

1440x1920: PNG | JPG

240x320: PNG | JPG

haha thanks for making it 1920x1200

There we go:

Rainbow is my favourite colour :)

That’s great, set it to my desktop right away :) Thank you…

rainboooh! cheers

I just realised… I know I’m slow, but… we’re a bunch of freaking enthousiastic nerds, cumming over a goddamn piece of software. Yes, dblue’s image is my desktop at home and at work. I tried talking about it. I tried councelling. I tried therapy. Hell, I even tried FL Studio 9! What I need is a good smack in the face. What I DON’T need is a job that keeps me from using Renoise. I also need my fix. Thirty more minutes before I can go home to track. Say such a thing in Holland and people will call you a sexual maniac. I’m a goddamn nerd, and so are all of you. ALL of you! If you aint, what the hell are you doing in this topic? I rest my case. Sometimes I seriously consider getting a hex-related tattoo, right underneath the screaming black cat on my shoulder, as if to say: hex gets me pussy. And it does! Not even just on 4chan, but IRL! Do you know what that MEANS?! If you do, there’s still hope for you. Get out, run, flee, hide underneath bridges, re-group in old folks homes, gather your gear in an alley… as long as you aint got a Renoise t-shirt, mouse pad, g-string, hoody, sticker or desktop image, you’re still focused, you’re still you, you’re still somewhere between the top and bottom of the foodchain, instead of wondering when dinner will be served.

dblue, can you produce a laptop cover for me that glows identically to that wallpaper? Thanks. I’ll email you my address.


…::niNja pWn3d::…

Sure thing.

240x320: PNG | JPG

And here’s a larger resolution version in case anyone needs to resize it to fit a different portable device.

1440x1920: PNG | JPG

Here’s a PSD of the original version, with layers for the important stuff. Knock yourself out :)

I’m gonna see what I can do with the psd…

sounds fun.


Not much but here’s a grayscale version if anyone thought the colors were too aggressive:

dblue’s renoise desktop wallpaper - grayscale version - 1920x1200 - PNG

I created the image in Flash CS3, if you would prefer to play with the .fla source file instead. The main background image was rendered using a graphics algorithm I coded in AS3, with a bit of dirt/noise mixed on top for texture. The “3D” Renoise text/logo was all done with Flash’s built in filters, using a lot of drop shadows and things like that to create the illusion of depth. Plus a lot of gradient fills, additive blending, etc. to get the ridiculous colours :)

yeah I did notice that the psd was quite simple… However I probably don’t know flash enough to use your file… yeah, I don’t know flash.

i love this wallpaper!
Rick :yeah:

Yay motion blur!!

Very cool!


Does nobody else think the R of the logo should be the first letter in Renoise?