Some Fun Graphics Code I've Been Working On...

Requires Flash Player 10.

Click on it to pause/resume playback. Reload the page to get a new seed variation and some different colours.

Alternatively, here’s a basic web interface which allows you to switch between 640x360, 960x540, and 1280x720. You can also bookmark the seed if it creates nice results, or simply input your own seed by editing the URL. The content itself is not ‘real’ random, it’s based on a seeded pseudo-random number generator, making it possible to get identical results every time if you wish.

Finally, here’s a short video clip if the realtime version does not work for some reason.

Perfect time to post it up, listening to Efficient Music Compo and watching your cool works…

:D same here,
Nice one D

Dblue, you’re amazing

Very very nice. I love the text that shows up every now and then, sometimes the result is very classy when paused.

I love it. Any chance that we’d get to see the source code?

I’ve been tweaking this code for a few months now. I’m aiming to have it create more useful/thoughtful designs, using some kind of analysis of what has already been drawn, so that it can then attempt to balance out the various elements. I thought about possibly breaking the screen down into logical zones, then keeping track of each zone’s “weight”, and whether fine detail has been drawn there, or just larger shapes. Hopefully this will allow me to produce some stuff with more intent behind it. I’m still really happy with the results so far, but there’s still a lot of stuff that needs to be toned down and fine-tuned.

Anyway, cheers everyone, I’m glad you all enjoyed it :)

Perhaps I will consider this a bit later when I’ve cleaned it up, but I’m not sure. I wrote this from scratch myself, and I’m trying to develop the algorithms into something more intelligent, with a bit more artistic purpose behind it. Depending on how useful it seems to me, I may not want to simply give away those custom algorithms. At the moment it’s still very specialised, but I may develop it further into a more generic suite of tools for creating these kind of images, allowing for a variety of style choices such as flat graphics, or more textured brush strokes, etc. I’ll definitely give it some thought, though.

I’m also planning to have an alternate mode, where the user will be able to “paint” with the algorithm. This would allow you to put more thought into the overall composition, while still retaining the interesting random aspect. You would draw basic movements over the canvas, causing this weird geometry to grow from your selected points. Should be pretty interesting.

Any directions for the console mode that i make pop-down using the context option?

The console is something nifty that Andreas Rønning - aka Sunjammer - is developing. To be honest, I totally forgot that I was using it here, since I only gave it a quick test a few weeks go. I’ll just remove it now that you’ve pointed out my mistake :)

Anyway, you can find out more about the project on his website, and also via his Google Code page.

I like it!
You worked in a definable color picking scheme?

Is it possible to switch from orthographic to a more immersible perspective, so it would be viewed as if coming to you or around you?

At the moment I just have 4 colour palettes that I picked out, which get chosen at random. User-defined colours is a good idea and definitely possible. I’d also like to eventually have sliders to tweak the various parameters and fine-tune the output.

It may be possible to figure something out in the future, but at the moment this is all just very simple 2D bitmap manipulation, so there’s no real 3D data being processed. Anything involving real perspectives would probably mean a serious redesign of the whole engine.

Stick a donk LFO on it! ;)

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this is real awesome.


cant … stop… watching… its alive !! aliiiiiiive

Looks very nice indeed. I like the colours too!

Didn’t wanna start a new thread for this heh, but I’ve recently decided to get some kind of “engine” going again whee! It will take ages though, considering how much time I already spent looking at three spinning triangles :wacko:

I don’t even dare to play around with morphing opacity and colors on that, I know better :lol:

Sweeeeet :D
You should be able to controll the spinning speed with a midi knob!

Hehehe… but unfortunately I’m stuck already ^^

edit: whatever caused the issue I had, I solved it (without knowing what was the cause though :()

Particle systems and cheap ass “physics”, here I come!

I really wish I could make stuff like this… It’s amazing! I made the switch to electronic music a long time ago, but my graphical art is still stuck in the dark ages of ink and markers…