Renoise Discount?

I’ve played with renoise enough to know that I like it and am now mulling over buying it.

Is renoise ever offered at a discount price? I ask, as I have bought software before that is then heavily discounted for a promotional period a week later and that really annoys me! And, yes, I know renoise is cheap enough already but I’m skint right now and every penny counts!

once you buy it fullprice, fall in love with it, and get to know the community and devs, youll be glad you sacrificed yur precious every counted penny so the devs arent as skint as you. trust me.

Renoise is so amazing priced as it is that waiting for a special offer is really a no-brainer!

Especially where you weigh in the fact you get a 1.0 amount of updates with it. Going over previous releases a licence will last you updates for a good few years (think last time I looked something around 5 years was average.)

Saying that there is usually some kind of offer during Beta round. Nobody ever knows where these are going to be, but as Renoise using a long release cycle and 2.8 has hardly left the gate I wouldn’t be holding your breathe for one any tome soon! Last few seem to have fallen somewhere pretty near to Christmas time but this is not something you can rely on. Also not 100% sure these apply to new licences, or only extending existing one (and as I said you can’t even rely on there being one.)

So just get the wallet out and purchase this wonder of the software age ;)

Consider the cost of other DAWs. The regular Renoise price is a discount price!

Haha! I rather predicted those responses. Yes, renoise is crazy cheap compared to other DAWs, no harm in asking though!

Will see how funds are at the end of the month anyhow, not long to go.

I think it’s great that the trial is so fully featured, it’s meant I can give it really thorough going over and see if it’s for me or not. Good call on that renoise makers!

How much could a discount possibly save you – maybe 10 or 15 EUR? That’s 2 or 3 cocktails or maybe 5 beers on a saturday night. You could stay home that one night and enjoy your licenced renoise! ;)

Alas, being a father of 2 young kids, I stay at home every night! All my money goes on nappies and baby paraphernalia - rock and roll!

I reckon I’ll be buying it at the end of the month, the usual price is perfectly reasonable enough.

then you will get a dicounted upgrade price when Renoise 3.9 will be out. A perfect present for your children turning 18 :)

in just 17 years 11 months and 3 weeks time or 16 years and 4 months time for my eldest!

Hey, best wishes to all of you! :)

Come on bro don’t be cheap. Renoise is already pretty friggin inexpensive as it is.

In the five years I’ve been hanging around here there has been one discount period that I know of. So I wouldn’t wait for one :lol:

I’ve decided that I am going to buy it at the end of the month. It is already a great price and I’ve adapted to it pretty quickly which must mean it’s the DAW for me! Got the skeleton of a tune (my first ever!) that I’m pretty pleased with. Last DAW I used was reason back in 2004 and I didn’t get as far with that.

Just registered!

Welcome to the club! :lol:

It has been done with older releases, but this is not being done with every new release. So if you really desire the patience and saving these two pennies, then you can gamble if such discount stunt is being pulled with the next big update.

I agree that Renoise is very reasonably priced for the powerful features it contains. However, I would like to recommend that Renoise offer educational pricing for schools, students, and afterschool programs. Many schools would like to offer “beats making” classes for students, and the cost of buying an $80 license for 30, 100, or 500 computers becomes prohibitive really quickly. I think if more students had access to Renoise and could grok its powerful features, it could be good for the Renoise community and y’know, the kids.

The current license system doesn’t include a license per seat model and it also isn’t manageable regarding piracy -> if you have 500 students being allowed to use a copy (registered on the ID of one institute), then who leaked a license?.
The fact that upgrading is revoked may be a non-issue for some institutes as they simply may have the budget to rebuy a new bulk license, but such kind of attitude more or less defeats the piracy discouragement (meaning each new version gets leaked quickly making it available to more non-student individuals who may not invest into something that is in fact already reasonably priced -> getting income for 100 or 500 licenses doesn’t make up for loosing 2000 individual prospects if those will pirate as a result from a leak).

To make such thing work some system to have a student register his personal copy is required and this can be done but imho is still far too much overhead and doesn’t count the fact in whether the license sold to the student is for an actual license or an expired license (student can’t download the latest version of Renoise).

A simple coupon code at the checkout is much easier to handle and provides the best alternative. But that i would only recommend to have such coupon enabled for a maximum of two weeks to a month during holiday season or summer holiday season (which is usually also the time for students to invest in school materials ).

Maybe you could do like Adobe, offer a running subscription license. Then you would have to pay for the time you use it and if you stop the payments it stops working. Sounds like a genious business model if you ask me. Finally i can afford After Effects too. :D
Probably not that effective with an inexpensive software like Renoise, but maybe towards schools and such?