Renoise Discounts?

I have a suggestion. I’m really a Renoise fanatic and push it ALL THE TIME! I have actually gotten several current users to purchase their copies. Some friends and others I’ve met somewhere on the net who have taken advantage of the already GREAT PRICE discounted when we have the updates. So a convo with a user and I on IRC the idea poped into my head. Re feral bonuses. Where if you have successfully recommended someone who purchased Renoise you would get 1 point which would then be able to be used towards when you have to renew your licence or redeemable to give a friend a little discount on their first reg. purchase. Renoise is a VERY tight knit passionate community, Really unique when you think about it and look at other DAW’s. I totally think this would work and would be AWESOME! [center]
[/center]Anyone else like this idea?[center]
[/center]Dev’s: Is this a possibility? [center]
[/center]Thanks!!! [center]

I love the referal concept, but isn’t Renoise so inexpensive that a referal bonus is going to be too tiny to matter?

Yeah dude Renoise is so cheap already especially those discounts at beta season.

Referral programs are always a terrible idea, imho. They just “inspire” people to become annoying, spam-happy assholes. We simply don’t need a bunch of people polluting the forums, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc., begging for others to click on their referral link (or whatever the case may be).

Oh okay. I just thought it may be a good idea. =)


id love a discount, thanks! :D


Well anyway it would be nice.

Ive used Renoise since 1.3, bought 1.5.1, which means…

I need to pay again. Im broke.

Can I pay with music :P ? Not really.

What about, say, making it 50 USD instead of euro for us moron flagwaving yanks? (never know if you dont ask :P) My children need McDonalds and Xbox games.