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When can I buy stocks in Renoise?

Also this Tread is VERY interesting…&threadid=11991

i think the Dogs on acid can be a good “fishing - ground”
many users asked for a tracker !!! but most didnt know about renoise!


Took a while to see that ther is text between those massive amount of avatar and footer pictures :)


Anyone who as much as thinks about getting a signature that big in this forum, can just drop it right now. :rolleyes: Looks like an attempt to scare off anyone from reading.

Well… another kind of senselss questioning.

No Midi Sequencer will ever have a tracker interface. As long as there are only 2 commercial companies on the pc market, that means cakewalk (klemm music) and cubase (steinberg), who will declare their systems as the stadard for music producing - they will simply not feel the need to add something which means to change the whole architecture of the program.

By the way…fruity loops f. i. is a tracker which also supports the vst interface, so that´s the way they all will go, sooner or later, I´d say.

But believe me or not, they will never change the whole sequencer because 150 out of millions of people would say so.

In fact you are able to use the audio tracks of your sequencer to integrate things done in your tracker.

This is a thing where renoise is extremely good, because you got a multitrack bounce, so you can use each track separately in your favourite sequencer if you want to.


what`s wrong? There´s no P.R. business going on here ;)
I like the old style tracker interface much better, so I work with renoise as well as with some other gear.

the only thing wrong with your phrase is that I don’t define FL a tracker :)

Does Fruity Loops have a pattern editor like we know it from a tracker?

Anyway, i just looked at fruity loops, and you gotta give them some credit for nice icons.

hm…I´d say that depends on the base. I´m not into programming, but to me it looks like they`ve changend the basic interface. The patterns are like known (and work like known) with the exception that you´re using drummachine programming instead of typing orders.

But I may be wrong here…

check the date on the post :P “10-01-2001” not sure renoise was even around then but if it was at the version it is now then people would have definitly had someing to say about it

I’ve heard that Fruity Loops was originally a drum machine. Then it grew…

fruity was a small step sequencer back in those days. now it’s a huge one… playlists, patterns, and everything. most still think it’s good for drumloops only


Indeed :P

Or at least I use it only for drumloops from time to time. However there are great songs made with it. And it’s surely a damn powerful application. Listen to the demosongs. Some are incredible!!! (XOR - “Driven”, Fuego - “SkyHigh”, “Momentum”, Yob - “BigBag” and many others)

Drum and Bass underground???

If only…

Its been around for over 10 years now and has spread everywhere!!!

I agree with the “ultimate music” part though!

Fruityloops (or studio) is not a tracker…

You can change the keys on the piano roll to show the letters of notes but thats as far as it goes…

There are people who make some great tunes on it and even people who have been signed but I cant get on with it thats why I use Renoise…

After using trackers for over 11 years its hard to switch to anything else…

Its not the tool its the musician that makes the music…

yeah. you must be a fan of Stomp.


Reprazent :yeah: (DYS on DOA-GRID)

Stomp is amazing!!!