Renoise Diskbrowser Woes

Ok this is annoying - how do i apply a theme? i cant find an option to select from a list or return to default or anything after messing with my colour settings. can someone please tell me how?


man that took ages!

More proof the current disk-op isn’t intuitive enough.

yeah - i expected it to be in the preferences/themes section tbh.

yes, for the theme-thing but as we speak about that topic … remember the vote?!

“A Better and bigger disk browser” (xxx credits)

Bigger doesnt make it better - at least not in this case - because the categories (Songs/Instruments/Themes/…) is what people confuses. No wonder, because no other standard disk browser has something like this.

Any ideas on how to improve that?

One possibility would be that the Renoise browser has no categories at all and always shows all filetypes it can load (Songs, Insturments whatever). All save operations (except “Save song”), then have to be done some where else. For example right clicking an instrument, dsp chain and so on…

I really like the categories, helps finding things much quicker. When a newer browser will appear, it could maybe support custom filters. Default is show all . in a little dropdown with optional *.xrns, *.xrni and so on. If people use midi a lot they could also add *.mid.

honestly, when i first opened renoise, i saw the themes category immediately. Its never been a problem for me. Though i agree that its kind of a weird list of categories. Beatslaughter’s idea of custom filters, or custom categories would be really really nice. Im curious if there would be a way to utilize windows search or spotlight to find say, all the *.xrni files on a hard drive and make them easy to access when you click that category in the browser?

personally i also like the categories,it helps to keep things organised,if the diskbrowser should be re-worked,then please dont ditch the categories

i like beatslaughters idea

Renoise could have some sort of Sample/Instrument library kind of thing where all the samples/instruments are displayed in one listing divided into categories. And ability to make new categories.

The stuff itself is stored like:

{Renoise Install Dir}/Samples/Drums
{User Home Dir}/Samples/Drums
D:/My Crap/Samples/Drums

Where last one is a custom path added by user. The listing displays all the samples in same screen in category Drums. Sorted alphabetically. New samples are saved by default to {User Home Dir}/Samples/{Category}

If two directories contain sample by the same name Kick.wav then they are displayed as Kick.wav, Kick.wav (1).

Items in library are cached (and refreshed on background/startup or on demand (refresh button in library view)) and so when switching to the library view it opens instantly.

(Check ZynAddSubFx patch library for something similar).

Disk operations window remains the same, but should be larger so we would have better view of the things. Also it could use a search function. Something similar to GNOME file manager or file open dialogs is fine. (Just type first letters and file manager jumps to the file)

This is what I meant.

I intentonally made these buttons big. As the sample/instrument library is meant for items you most often use. So it speeds up finding the stuff. You can still safely access other places on harddrive through the disk browser if you don’t want to scroll through screenfulls of samples in the library.

i am only a new user but suva’s graphic looks like the way to go! much better than squinting at the screen