Renoise Documentation

Hi to all!
Sorry for my poor english but i’m italian and so…

Can somebody tell me if exists an italian documentation of any Renoise version, plz?

Thanx to all!

no, there is no such translation.

If you need help with something specific, drop me an email (by using the button below).

I’m italian so I can help :)

Ok 10x.
I’m a noob and i need a complete guide for using it.

I will try to use it, thank you :)

P.S. Sei italiano anche tu? di dove se posso chiedertelo? Grazie per tutto cmq :wink:

we can think of an italian translation of ReNoise documentation, if a number of users will ask for it; there already is a Japanese translation.

Since Italy, together with Japan, is one of the less english-ready countries in the so called “first-world”, a translation would be useful.

I’ven’t got the time at the moment, and a new version of ReNoise is being develoepd right now, so it’s better to wait for its beta release before starting such a work.

I’m from Avellino, by the way.