Renoise does ambient very well!

Took me a while to get going with it, but with a bit of work, and learning how to do this without a piano-roll. Creates excellent tracks of all sorts in the electronic genre.


Yep, this is mentaly flowing, interresting how this feel introspective…

Fun that personnaly I still have to learn how to do WITH a piano roll! :rofl:

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The piano roll - so traditional. Kind of more appropriate for commercial ambient :slightly_smiling_face:

I like the track and the others you’ve put on Youtube recently!

And I agree, I’ve found Renoise to be fantastic for ambient, although it takes a little rethinking of one’s own approach to the tracker format.

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Exactly- new age style is not easy, nor are more modern versions. But, if you get it going “just right” it works! Thank you for listening to my works, btw. The hardest part is more fluctuating forms of drone ambient, but it can be done.