Renoise does not allocate a new cpu for several instances of a vsti plugin - instead stops

The plugin is “DSP56300” - Access Virus C in vst emu form.

I am running this on a Ryzen 7 3700x, with 8 cores, 16 threads.
If i run more than two instances of the plugin it starts crackling and popping and eventually shuts down renoise, because, it maxes out a single core on my multi core setup. =/

Why this behaviour? Isn’t Renoise supposed to “see” that one cpu is about to burst with activity, and allocate a new cpu for the next instance of this vsti? I know it’s a new and experimental vst, but surely it’s up to the Daw to chose on what core to put it?

Or is there a way for me as a user to chose cpu for a specific vsti?

This is very frustrating, as I can see that I have at least 2 cores that are not used at all =(

Please do tell.

We got a compatibility option to disallow running plugins on multiple cores at once, mainly because they are buggy or because they don’t support running simultaneously by design, for example if several instances of a share audio streams.

This option is called “Can run in multiprocessor environments”

See Plugin - Renoise User Manual for details please.

Could you please check if this option is enabled for the Access Virus C?

Please also make sure that you actually have multi-processing support enabled in general in Renoise’s Audio preferences pane. → “Audio realtime CPUs”

And finally, make sure the virus instances are triggered on separate tracks, as individual tracks and not individual DSP units are scheduled to different CPUs (threads, to be exact) in Renoise.

When I instead, de-selected, this option, I now am able to run 7 instances of the Virus C emulator at a “mere” 40% :slight_smile: No crackles or pops. I had no idea that option even existed, thanks alot Taktik! This is going to be a revolution, hehe.

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