Renoise does not remember new waveshell (macos vst3)

If you scan the vst3 versions of waves thru waveshell4 (might be older) and later remove waveshell4, so the plugins now load thru waveshell5, Renoise will not remember the vst scan results.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install waves 10 (waveshell4 should be in vst3 dir)
  2. Do a scan in renoise, close Renoise
  3. Install waves 11 (waveshell 1,2,3 and 5 should be additionally in vst3 dir)
  4. Do a scan in renoise, close Renoise
  5. Remove waveshell4 (it’s filestamp is older than the other four waveshells). Start renoise
  6. Try to load VST3 GTR AMP (stereo). It will fail.
  7. Now do a vst scan. Try again to load said plugin. It will load fine.
  8. Now close renoise. Reopen it.
  9. Again try to load the plugin. Again it will fail. Do another scan, and it will load again.

Hope that makes it clear. Maybe this could be the cause for the other waves problems, too (rotated graphics), so somehow the plugins aren’t loaded thru the most recent waveshell or so? No idea here.

Ok, a fix was to

  • Remove all waveshells from VST3 dir
  • Start Renoise, do a scan, close Renoise
  • Add back waveshells
  • Start Renoise, do a scan, quit Renoise

Somehow I forgot this workaround again hehe… Seems to be pretty complicated stuff, when it comes to waves support.

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If I had an enemy I wish Waves installation upon him :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: