Renoise Doesn't Like Me...


Some of you might know me for my inconvenient intreventions at #Renoise but that’s because i’m an idiot, nevermind.

I am trying desperately to produce genres like (Hardcore, Speedcore, Breakcore…) in Renoise and i just can’t.

I messed with everything that it’s possible to mess with i’ve tried all the “black arts” of good mixing but still something like a sequenced bit and a Juno emulation distorts the hell out of the track.

Some might ask:

Have you tried to lower the volumes?
Yes, and honestly after that i get low volume distorted hardcore.

Have you applied the filters correctly?
Yes, low pass on the kicks, hi pass on the pads, you name it, still not working.

Have you panned the tracks correctly?
Yes, still distorted but a bit wider.

Have you tweaked the master track?
Yep, i applied compressors, gainers, you name it and the distortion and drowness are still there.

And there are many more related to this ones that ain’t needed to mention.

I’m using some crappy plastic speakers brand “Arowana”. Both are functioning well despite their crap.
I’ve already seen people pulling off great music out of crappy equipment so i guess that’s not a excuse and i know that there are Hardcore and Drum n Bass producers that use renoise, like Frazzbass for example.

So i’m 90% sure this is my problem.

HELP… :unsure:

  • check if your samples are ok.
    if they are ok
    -check your soundcard
    if it’s ok
  • check your speakers and/or cables.

If you are registered you could try to render your song to play it on something else as the computer you work on.

Only applying compressors to your master will not be enough because the total audio stream will be compressed anyhow so that you won’t really notice the difference.
If you know for sure which tracks cause the distortion, use compression on those tracks (either or not through send-tracks) and just keep master compression to a general rate.

I could send you guys some example but i’m using sampled kicks with Roland Alpha Juno emulation.

The kicks sound loud and ok when played standalone. When i add some bass sounds from Juno the whole song distorts, then i try some “black arts” with no sucess.

Unfortunatelly i can’t afford renoise at the moment, i was thinking to afford it for Xmas but i’d have to be sure if i can do what i want out of it.

What makes me confused is that i tried the same routine in “other hosts” and the sound drowns a bit but doesn’t get distorted.

There’s not much to config in Renoise so i guess that he’s recognizing my SoundBlaster Audigy. My cables are fine i guess since i can hear a clear sound from winamp.

I’ve heard something about “Renoise Sound Engine” wich is not developed as Steibergs Cubase for example.

I really like this program but i can’t manage my tracks to sound ok. That’s why i can’t pull a track out of it. It kinda makes me frustrated because i understand most of the program tools and methods.

Any hardcore producers, any hints?

Thank you all for your support! :)

Upload a .RNS song which demonstrates the problem. I think that’s the only way you’re going to get any real help with whatever problem you’re having. As Bantai has already said, it’s much easier for someone to look at the Renoise song itself, instead of trying to figure out the problem by reading your vague forum posts.

That means buy Renoise and export midi information as an audio track…

…i want to but i can’t afford it at the moment. Might sound stupid but it’s true.

I don’t quite understand. Why don’t you simply save the .RNS? You mentioned that you’re using samples and a “roland juno alpha emulation” <-- I assume this is a VST or something?

an analysis was made comparing renoise 1.5 to other software an renoise beat them all. so i highly doubt what you heard holds any water.

it seems to me &

if im correct that vsti for the alpha juno isnt made properly, i think there is 2 of them one on sourceforge the other im thinking is a synthedit plugin. avoid snythedit plugins like the Plague!

as i recall neither sounded very good…
are the sounds you need from the alpha, presets of the alpha? if that is the case maybe a sample froma n Actual alpha (not emulated) could suffice?

From reading your post Harakiri, I think the problem lies less with your equipment and more with the fact that you just dont have a decent grasp of music production.

Your terms are mixed and vague; I am having to read between the lines to guess at your meaning…

Post the .rns song (you dont need to buy renoise to save a song!) and we can all have a look at it.

As dBlue said, just make a track that exhibits this distortion, save the .RNS, and let us take a look at it.

You seem to be saying that you’re using some sort of proprietary “Roland Alpha Juno emulation”. I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about, but if it’s a VSTi of some sort, why don’t you just sample the kick you’re using in some other host that you have, load up the wave in Renoise, force this problem you’re having, save the file, and upload it somewhere for us to check it out.

To me (and to most of us here), it just sounds like you’re experiencing saturation/clipping somewhere. We really need to see the source file.

Well i’ll post the file as soon as i can.

Maybe it’s from the VST, it’s quite possible. My terms sound vague because i can’t describe technical terms very well, sorry.

Sometimes filters don’t seem enough to filter Re:FX Juno X2 and the other one is “Feilei Alpha Juno X”.

I bet it’s my problem here and i’m quite sure that you guys can easily get around it so i’ll post the track as soon as i can! Thanks again! :)