Renoise Doesn't Load All .rns And .xm Files

This could probably be in the bug area too but anyways…

I composed a piece with Renoise on another computer and now it doesn’t load on my own computer.
It just doesn’t seem to recognize it as a Renoise-file as it doesn’t begin
to load or do anything when I click on the file.

The version is the same on both systems, V 1.51 RC1.

It’s an important track to me so any suggestions?

Similar problem has also occured before; I have hundreds of Fasttracker 2 .XM modules and there are handful that Renoise doesn’t recognize/load there being no any apparent reason or difference with the files I could put my finger on (they’re all done by me and saved on Fasttracker 2.09).

It’s “Sprite Symphony 3 FINAL2.rns” (I made an MP3 out of it earlier on the other computer which can be listened to here).
I tried renaming and copying it to different places too but no success.

I’m trying to load within Renoise.
If by loading from Windows you meant just clicking on it f.ex. via My Computer or via shortcut that doesn’t load it either.

Oh now I noticed the small error message at bottom of the page:

“Unknown Renoise Song! Maybe it was saved with a newer version of Renoise?”

You’re right! My Renoise saves as RNS017 and the file is RNS018.
I thought I had installed 1.51 on both but mine was 1.5 apparently.
Thanks a bunch to you guys!

But there’s still the problem with some non-loadable .XM-files; it doesn’t list them at all; not even when clicking . in the Renoise disk browser.
The filenames are regular. Tried renaming and moving those too in different directories but it totally keeps disregarding them.

Are you still using an RC version because of some bug that got into 1.51 which keeps you from using 1.51? (the improper sample rendering issue)