Renoise doesn't open

Hey crew,

I worked on Renoise today when it suddenly crashed and didn’t open anymore.

When I tried to open it it freezed to the point where it was “Loading the preferences…”.

Can’t be sure what version I had as I tried to fix this by uninstalling and re-installing Renoise again, but I think it might have been 3.2.2. I had the registered version and now I have the version 3.3.2 (couldn’t register it yet) but the same problem occurs again.

Anyone know how to fix this?


Hey esc,
did Renoise crash because of a VST? If yes remove this VST from your computer first. Then clean your computer, every single bit from Renoise should be removed respectively uninstalled. Once you’ve done that install Renoise again. Afterwards it should start normally. If not I assume the issue is not related to Renoise.

I also installed the version 3.2.2 again, but the same problem exists.

Oh, and I’m working on Mac if that makes any difference.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I can’t say why it crashed, but I didn’t use any new VSTs or anything else either and averything has worked just fine until today.

did you update to a new version of macOS? Sometimes that breaks things…

No. I’ve been successfully worked on Sierra since I got the version 3.2.2. Now out of the blue it just doesn’t open anymore.

hmm, weird. I’m not very knowledgeable about such things, but did you try a shut down/restart?

Also, sometimes renoise behaves strangely for me depending on the audio settings, especially if some audio routing gets switched, but if you’re not even able to launch it, that might not be the issue…

Well, this is strange. I uninstalled both versions once more, re-installed the version 3.2.2 and now it seems to work again. I don’t understand what really was the problem or how I fixed it, but I’m happy it works again.

Thanks again for trying to help guys!

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glad it’s working now! technology is great… when it works :upside_down_face:

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