Renoise doesn't receive OSC messages

I want to send OSC from reaktor ,supercollider to renoise and vice versa .
But even the most simple step as sending oscm essages from reaktor to renoise doesn’t work .
First launching renoies ( to make sure it’s audio driver has priority ) , then starting reaktor .
In reaktor I set the ip adress to host ( which automatically inserts the correct ip ) ,choosing same port as renoise (8001)
Then creating a midi note module to OSC out ( in reaktor ) ,then setting a renoise instrument midi in to eceive from OSC
No luck whatsoever

What is the exact address pattern you are sending, and with what data?

Pretty sure that Renoise will just quietly ignore stuff it doesn’t recognize.

Also, have you verified that Reaktor is in fact sending the OSC?

did you manage to solve the connection problem?

NOt yet …too many other issues at the moment