Renoise Doesnt Recognise My Pitchwheel Anymore :(

I dont know what I did but Renoise doesnt recognise my pitchwheel anymore as a midi controller ‘knob’.
The thing always worked fine untill an hour or so ago, any body any idea what this could be?

I still can’t assign my pitchwheel to any slider but the green ligt in the upper right corner flashes when I flick it and it works as a standard for a vst I have.
How could this be?!

You can’t assign your pitchwheel to any controller as the pitchwheel does not broadcast any MIDI-CC value. You can however assign your modulation wheel to any controller, are you sure you don’t confuse those two with eachother?

I’ve got a ‘Pitch Bend’ wheel and a ‘Modulation’ wheel, I have had both of them assigned to a dsp slider.
The Pitch bend wheel did work too! I used it very often with madshifta.
I just opened a song in wich I used my pitchwheel with madshifta and its still assigned but it wont respond :(

This isn’t the “I’m at the master-track and my pitchbend doesn’t respond”-thingy right? Has tricked me a couple of times. If it is - move to another track and it will work.

No :(
I hate this, I can turn and twist with the wheel all I want but I dont get much more out of it than the little green light in the upper right corner flickering. :(

I just factory resetted my keyboard but I still have the same problem.

Also tried to toggle the DSP slider button in the control panel to change the “Record” behavior of the values?

I dont exactly understand what you mean but there is no solution in the things on that page. :(
(if you mean the 'record to pattern or envelope; doesnt work :()

If I midi map a parameter all the buttons on my keyboard work as a midicontroller exept the pitchbend wheel.

small update:
If I press midi map parameters the little screen pops up just like it should.
The if I slide a controller (modulation wheel) the CC No. changes nicely to 01 (wich is my modulation wheel) and so on for all my knobs.
Now, my pitchwheel has CC No. 9 but that just doesnt respond, even if I manually set the CC No. to 9 nothing happens.
But Renoise DOES pick up the midi signal for my pitchbendwheel cause the green light DOES flicker.

Still no clue what it could be, assigning the pitchbendwheel to another CC No. doesnt help btw.

I just found out my midikeyboard has set the pitchbendwheel to CC 144, I dont know how to change that yet but Ill post if I find out.


I probably ctrl Assigned my pitchbendwheel to 144 by accident (huge n00b :( )

Thanks for all the help everybody :lol: