Renoise Doesn't Set Absynth's Instruments

Hi! I have installed the latest Absynth demo, and have managed to use it as VST from renoise. I have two different tracks, using two different instruments in Absynth. The problem is, that when I restart renoise and absynth, and reload my song saved, I have to manually set the right instruments in Absynth using the external editor (as launched in renoise’s instrument view). Is there a way to have Renoise do this automatically, can renoise set absynth’s instruments by itself? Thanks!

Are you using an absynth vsti alias for the other track?

Hi, thanks for your answer.

Hm, that’s more than I know I’m afraid. This is the procedure I use to set it up (same procedure repeated for each new instrument):

  1. Select an empty renoise instrument slot in the upper right corner
  2. Click “instrument settings” down to the left.
  3. I select the “Plugin” tab.
  4. In the “Instrument” drop down menu, I select the Absynth VST.
  5. The “Program” dropdown is then populated with a lots of entries, all called “00 ”, “01 ”, …
  6. Then I activate the external editor, and select the instrument there.

I don’t know if that means I’m using an alias.

read this, try it, maybe this way the presets are remembered?

Simply, this is the cause, I guess. ;)

BTW I should probably say that renoise can’t remember what Program was used in the instrument (I used the wrong terms above). Renoise remembers that the instrument is Absynth, but not which Program I had it set to. Program and Preset are probably the same things.

I have now tried with aliases as well, but the same problem. Actually, I can generalise the problem to one instrument only: it’s not possible to create a renoise instrument using Absynth VST plugin, configured with a certain program/preset, and have it remember what Program it used, when I quit and then restart renoise and reload the song.

In the tutorial, there seems to be proper Program namnes in the Program dropdown menu, when a VST is selected. I only get these “”. Also, I can’t change the Program value at all in Renoise (which was the reason I started using the External editor).

hi, i tried this with a non-demo-Absynth4 and also got () on every Program in the Instrument Settings->Plugin settings. But that’s fine, I use Absynth4 to save onto a bank i made myself, within absynth4, and then the saved patches are used across Live/Renoise/Logic/whichever. I guess it would be interesting to start up an Absynth4/5 .xrni / renoise preset trading facility, but what are the chances they’re version-compatible?

Hi! Thanks for this very interesting information - it’s Absynth’s fault. I see you found a workaround, but it seems too complicated for a beginner like myself. I should probably look for another soft synth that works with the programs.