Renoise Dream Feature: 5.1 Support

Hi members!

I’ve been thinking in a great feature: 5.1 surround support on Renoise.

Was anyone able to produce 5.1 tracks using Renoise? How can it be done? Ideas?

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I don’t have a 5.1 sound system myself, but I assume that serious 5.1 cards have separate ASIO channels for each channel…? This way, you could easily make your environmental workout…

Haven’t tried it so I don’t know what it can and can’t do but it is listed as free att KVR.
Search for SpatChain FX 5.1
There are probably more plugins that could make it happen.
Otherwise I guess it’s up to programs like Nuendo and the like.

Yes, you are right. Thanks.

I didn’t work with ASIO before because not needed, but after a brief research, I’ve found the way to assign tracks to 4 independent channels (quadraphonic system). The trick is to add 2 new “sendtracks” (one for front right/left channels and one for rear right/left). Then you add a 2 “senddevices” device to each track of the song you want to control the panoramic effect. The first needs to be set as “keep source” and the receiver is the front right/left sendtrack and the second needs to be set as “mute source” and the receiver is the rear right/left sendtrack. Now you can apply automation to each pan/vol control and “move” the sound of a track through any of the 4 speakers. Nice effect!

I guess that this trick will work in a 5.1 speaker system by adding a new sendtrack and a new senddevice to control the center/subwoofer speakers (not tested because my speaker system is 4.1).

The only thing I need now is to test if Renoise can render a multichannel song into a single wav file. If not, then there is always the possibility to render the sendtracks and combine them using another multichannel sound editor (like Adobe Audition).


That’s actually very interesting that you can play in 5.1 in Renoise. I’d have to check this out some time.

With ASIO you can do this for sure, there might be plugins around that can also do this 5.1 audio rendering but i don’t know any particular.

I did some testing with Steinberg’s 5.1 beta encoder which gave nice results with exported separate tracks, but Audition will probably do as well.