Renoise drum programming and MIDI export basics

I’ve used Renoise for a long time but now i’m trying something new, sorry if i don’t know the right technical terms. I love programming drums with Renoise and usually i’ve exported the drums wav-files to another DAW to finish the job with other instruments…

Now i’d like to use better drum sounds for example with Toontrack EZdrummer or Superior drummer.

THE Questions:

  1. Can i export my drum patterns from Renoise in somekind of MIDI-format to another DAW (Logic Pro X)?

  2. After that - do you know if i could “stamp” easily some quality drum sounds to this MIDI-drum data, and can that be done with Toontrack software since i hate those “klick to play drums” and piano roll user interfaces? Is it called triggering?

I feel so beginner right now but i’d appreciate all the information if you have any experience with this. Thank you in advance!

To sum all this: I just want to export drum hits from Renoise as a midi data to -> another DAW and “patch” these hits easily with quality drum sounds.

Not sure if this helps… but maybe the Renoise Redux plugin could be used…? Run it as VST in Logic and trigger it with midi. You can transfer the beats you make in your pattern editor back and fourth between Renoise and Redux, or just make everything in Redux. Its a pretty cheap and affordable plugin… Maybe it can be linked to used the toontrack sounds. I think Renoise itself should be able to, if you load toontrack into renoise as a VST