Renoise Drumpattern?

does renoise have a drumpattern like the one thats in madtracker??

no. you are the first asking for one, at least as far as I know.

I know and used MadTracker, but never touched the drumpattern as I have always found it useless for my complex drumming.

what’s a drum pattern? explain in painful detail, please.

so should i take that as a NO then??? :drummer:

You could take it as a “could you explain what that is, but… no.” I guess :)

First thing that strikes me is; that looks painfully much like the E-Jay series.

Remember I had this friend who used to run up to me in school and go “Listen to this! I’ve just “made” a new song!”
And it was always E-Jay. Dance E-Jay.

but its a very fast way to make beats,does renoise have something similar then??or how do you guys make beats in renoise??

thanx doesent sound that hard,its because im thinking about getting a tracker to use with reaper,and i want to do all my drum work in the tracker,and madtrackers drumpattern is so easy to use,but madtracker is kind of dead in the development,so if renoise had something similar,i would buy that

There’s really no point to this, imho. You can already do the same thing and so much more in Renoise right now. You just have to spend a few simple moments of your time to familiarise yourself with the way things work. Laying down beats in Renoise is already incredibly fast and easy to do, you really don’t need a specialised drum pattern editor for this.

bantai, that’s gross. it’s like the anti-tracker