Renoise Dubstep Producers

(Moss) #21

i like the wobble in hawaiian drummers signature :dribble:

(maes) #22

wha… crabcore is out nao??? :<

(HeavyBeats) #23

Renoise Dubstep Army :ph34r:

anyway, i love dubstep, great sounds and tunes :)

(Man-at-Arms) #24

El-B is the tits! Too bad a lot of dubstep is kind of formulaic these days, but luckily we have the deep stuff from Burial, 2562 etc to compensate for that.

(empolo) #25

NI released Massive Threat which is a soundpack for dubstep/garage/wonky. I just got the e-mail today.
Here is the link -->

From the web site:

$59 USD and it works with the free Kore 2 Player which I have working great as a VST in Renoise.

So if you’re having trouble getting your wobble, this sound pack should cure those ills.

(choice) #26

This one I was going for lsd induced nightmare. width=100% height=81[/embed]

This one still working on is very forumulaic, I am going for a form of aetherael bliss in this one. Hence the usage of ghost-_lullaby width=100% height=81[/embed]

(Last &amp; Least) #27

whats your opinion on this sort of dubstep… it’s not the usual gagagaga…wubwub stuf which dubstep has “become”

i need to know whether or not people still find this style interesting…

(magOwl) #28

I like that style man, It’s something I can put on at home and listen to, not like most of the more “popular” styles which you really need to go to a club sporting a good soundsystem to appreciate fully. Which I also like, but it’s not something I’d listen to at length at home.

Some good tunes in here guys… keep em coming. Here’s a couple of old ones from myself.

Striking Distance ft. Sunflake height=81 width=100%[/embed]

Little Darling ft. Sunflake height=81 width=100%[/embed]

(choice) #29

Made a simple and rather short meditative tune with the reece linked in this thread:

Nice up Fullofkittens! width=100% height=81[/embed]

It’s WUB. :D

(Ichneumon) #30

I’ve been playing about with the Delay column trying to get a beat with a real UK garage feel about it, but with modern (i.e. Dubstep) type samples.

Do you guys prefer it without (1st bar) or with (2nd) the shakers? Kinda adds a bit more swing, I think.

If anyone fancies a collab I’m thinking about crossing this with an acid vibe. Or, you know, on another track, s’cool. Check out my soundcloud page for other stuff I’ve done - better ambience in those.

(hotelsinus) #31


(rotello) #32

I just did this one a few days ago. yeah.gif

hey man, 8 years passed… but have you got the RNSX to share? now brostep is dead, i d like to learn to do it with renoise…