Renoise, Duplex tool and Novation

I have a Novation Impulse 49 controller keyboard which I’d like to use in Renoise, in extended mode (so also controlling the mixer faders and solo/mute buttons). By the looks of it using the Duplex tool ( seems to be the way to go, but I can’t for the life of me get it to do anything.

I was hoping that the Novation SL MKII listed as a supported device would be more or less compatible with my Impulse, but no luck as of yet. I’m stuck in what MIDI devices I should select where and whether or not I should run the Automap server in between and what settings to use there. Unfortunately the manual is not a lot of help (apparently it should be plug and pray).

Anyone that can help me out with this?

I looked at their website, and in (the german version only?) they state that some MIDI features are available as class-compliant USB. From this, I gather that some features aren’t … so yeah, might be a question of plug and pray :slight_smile:
Also, I couldn’t find any document containing actual MIDI specifications. But you might have received this as part of the package?

I personally own the Remote SL MKII, which is sort of inbetween. To get proper LED feedback for the buttons and encoders, I need to use the automap MIDI driver, but the keys themselves register as a separate MIDI device.

But first, try to see if the MIDI which is received by Renoise * match that in the automap editor? If this is the case, you might simply be able to match the values to something like the Remote template - try using the editor to change the CC number of a couple of faders, or buttons and see if e.g. the Duplex Mixer application is responding to the input. You can see the exact CC numbers etc. for the Remote SLMKII mappings here (Duplex/Controllers/Remote-SL-MKII/Controlmaps/Remote-SL-MKII.xml)

  • You can eavesdrop on the device - as described in the Duplex manual you can connect the device to Renoise while having enabled ‘Dump MIDI to console’, and then the scripting console will show any messages that are received.

I have the Novation Impulse 61.

Duplex doesn’t work for me also.