Renoise Easter Egg?

Hey, I just found a Renoise Easter Egg. Press your “Power/Off”-Button on your PC for 10 Seconds and Renoise displays a neat Patternarranger + Pianoroll.

Here’s the screenshot:

1st April ?

Don’t work for me. Only turns off the computer. Must be windows only feature. :P

I actually remember some program from few years ago that did some nifty things when you pressed the poweroff key.

really?! weird, I’m enjoying pianoroll as we speak!! wicked!!

this works, but you’ll need to download the unoffical add-on: click

works for me - here is the video proof

pffft @ pattern arranger!

but the beat slicer rocks!!!

The video links don’t work for me either. I only get some Rick guy singing some catchy song. :(

Help me, I needs mah pianorollz!

This April’s fool has been presented by the famous people of Springfield Power Plant tm

You beat me to it!

Doesn’t work…plz hlp
Or does it only work on 1st of April?

only works on easter

hmmmz, still working here dudes…
never imagined pianoroll to work THIS well within a tracker :D

hehe i looove a good joke