Renoise Effects not routing to mixer

Hi all, just getting into Renoise as a previous user of Ableton.

I’m trying to get the Renoise FX to sound through my audio interface/mixer. I have a Roland MX1 which is an interface/mixer in one. I have no issues with it being the master clock and all the MIDI is working fine, but the audio output from the MX1 doesn’t seem to be going into Renoise as none of the Renoise monitors are firing. And because of this, the effects aren’t working either.

I’ve set my audio settings up correctly I think, and played around with the output settings on the MX1 but nothing. Ableton says to set the MX1 up in ‘External’ mode which works, but when I do this in Renoise, no sound whatsoever. Think theres a routing issue…

Any ideas?

OK managed to sort it, I didn’t realise I had to add a #LineInput to the track!

However, it works, but I haven’t got a clue whats going on?!?! I seem to have a standard control for a track (which the volume control doesn’t do anything), and then the Line Input control with another volume slider on it which does work. Both are now routed to the same channel on the MX1?

Could anybody explain this to me as a n00b?


Track input volume works for renoise instruments output when you play something in the track (vst or sample).
Line input allows you to add an external source in a track and then mix the sound in following effects.
If you record something, put it a sample and plays it in a track, input line wont do anything anymore (apart getting noise :wink: )

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