Renoise en samenwerking asio4all laten opstarten problemen

does anyone happen to know about drivers in windows and how to start up Renoise 3.4.2 and start assio4all in the bar at the bottom of windows so that I can set my sound settings correctly and therefore also spread the sounds over my 5.1 sound set , when downloading asio4aal, no registration or license is requested, it just does not work or does not want to start in my windows 10. and where the problem is, it is really annoying for me that renoise does give the options to distribute seakers in your track 5.1, but no drivers or information provided.
hopefully clear solutions

in preference,disable ‘limit to stereo in out’

at the bottom of a track in the mixer you can choose ‘out’

the problem was in the settings in renoise i had to go to edit and then to preferences and there you could set it to asio windows could see the program that it was on the disk but via renoise you could make a link that you can save asio4all if you could click on renoise startup at the bottom of the bar in windows and set everything right, thanks for thinking me anyway

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