Renoise EQ crackling

Just found a strange thing with the Renoise EQ. In the attached files there’s only a kick on track 1 and one EQ and a dip at 100 Hz.
When you loop the beat for a while you will hear some crackling noise that comes and goes. I assume it’s caused by the EQ which phase shifts the signal which leads to some kind of beat frequency. I tried another EQ from Overtone and with this I can’t hear it. Anyone ever stumbled over this?

crackles_EQ.xrns (17.3 KB)

How long is “a while”? I looped it for about a minute or so but didn’t hear any crackling.

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In the file I uploaded it starts exactly on the third loop, i.e. at 15 seconds.

mark the last few bits of the kick sample in the sampler and use the fade out function or download the altered xrns attached. crackles won’t appear no longer - with or without EQ10

crackles_EQ_edit.xrns (17.2 KB) .

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Thanks! It’s still happening with your edited file, but it’s better. Do you know why this happens in general? I don’t see why it changed over time.

the sound of the crackles reminded of a sample not ending at zero crossing, hence the approach of fading out the last bits of the waveform, in order to make sure that does not happen.
i’m not certain why this becomes audible with EQ10 enabled only. maybe the DSP causes a slight DC offset for some reason.


Ok, thanks. I’ll give it another try tomorrow.

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