Renoise error while loading a song.xml

Hello, dear friends
I encountered this error for the first time while working in Renoise.
Does any body know how to fix this issue? The song is not opening due to this error.
( Failed to parse the XML file ‘%file_path%/song.xml’ )
Thank you

Try this:

  • Unzip the xrns. Is it even a valid zip archive?
  • load song.xml to a text editor (like the free vscode), does it look normal?
  • Check the song.xml with some kind of xml validator. If there is a “node” which is faulty, you might simply remove that part or replace it with dummy data.

Or maybe just restart your computer…?

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Thank you for the solution.
I did not know that ,xrns files can be unzipped lol. I just unzipped it with 7-zip, checked the song.xml (everything looked fine for me) > rezip again. And it worked. Maybe it was a false bit while saving the whole .xrns file.

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