Renoise Feedback

Hi ! I’m back ! even if i’m back wearing the suit of the user instead of the developer, i need to say my ideas and feedbacks after using renoise 2.1 for real preparing new songs and livesets.

First my setup, gentoo linux with a realtime kernel with renoise slaved to my electribes (they are the master, renoise perfectly slaves patterns and follow tempo wonderfully), both midi controlled by a uc-16 external midi controller and a mackie vlz-16 mixer with some tracks and sends to some effects.

The good…

  1. midi mtc and master / slave[ry] functioning of renoise

  2. perfect timing (but i’m sure this is a realtime linux perfection)

  3. surgery approach to music (i’m a developer after all and a old timer from the ages of pro-tracker and octamed on amiga)

  4. sounds impressive and massive ! wonderful mixing !!!

  5. good single window arrangement with multiple setups at a single keypress. what about midi learn on windowing setup changes ? (think when you are playing a liveset and focusing external machines and controllers for triggering but looking at the screen to visually understand which track or pattern or sound is playing !)

and the problems…

  1. sometimes when you loop patterns from the song list and you change the current one when playing some notes get stuck… better to place a safeguard for that, at least when changing patterns manually there should be sme more note offs in the change, think notes ovrlapping the pattern edges.

  2. the send device only accept 1 send. would be cool if this is embedded in the mixer strip, and let you select multiple send at once. Say i have a track i want to send to 4 send tracks. i need to add 4 devices. why not add only one and let you add multiple sends ? or even have the sends internally defined as track parameter ? it will save me a lot of time as i’m using lots of reverbs and parallel delays and distortion and gates on drums and sounds.

  3. midi learn is functioning 1 PARAMETER FOR 1 MIDI CC. i can’t select more parameters with the same CC (controlling more volume sliders with a single knob, as i tipically have layers of snaredrums on different tracks with different effects for example and i want to mute all of them with a single knob). probably i have to use hydra which i think is overkill to setup for just controlling more params with the same midi CC, too much time adding it and configuring it when it could be easy to select more parameters and learn the same CC. This i think is a drawback for preparing live sets kits, as you will do it after you set up your sounds. Routing midi to multiple parameters shouldn’t be difficult at all !

  4. there is some problem of visibility of the current track (only the name is highlighted). it will be cool if the track can be highlitghted with a selectiong much like the one when u drag the track with the mouse.
    And sometimes you click somewhere on the track, and that track will not be selected cause you clicked on the track name or child components like the effects, or click on the borders or whatever: if i click inside the rectangle of a track it should be selected no matter where i click. Again, tracks borders is not perfectly visible so sometimes recentering on the column to write should be easier (track even/odd colours or user definable ?)

  5. How can i pre-listen to a sample from the browser IN THE CURRENT TRACK instead of in the master directly (before i drag it on the loaded sample list)? i saw an option for that but i can’t find it anymore !!!

  6. i miss global volume / pitch / panning / cutoff / resonance sliders in instruments page. for editing one of those parameters i need to enable automation ? can’t be selected globaly ?

… Shut up! (Afterall, this experience renoise gave me was one step beyond !)

I don’t want to be tedious or whatever but some cents in favour to back old music :)

Cheers !


about 5:

click on the downarrow and choose

When queuing patterns on the “live queue strip”, all notes on previous pattern are offed. If this doesn’t happen for some reason, there must be a bug.

Might be interesting idea, but so far attatching multiple sends works out aswell, specially counting that you can apply effects in between the multiple sends for tapping. Adding more sliders to send device wouldn’t overcomplicate things?

I agree with this one. But as Renoise is taking steps towards more effective live editing, I wouldn’t be too surprised if you saw that feature in near future. :) Right now you can use midi loopback to renoise to do this under linux, but beware it’s not really in sync, the midi adds some lag. I wrote myself midi repeater or whatever you call it, which makes one CC into n CC’s. Works perfectly but I hope we can do that stuff in the future without writing custom addons.

well it happened a couple of times randomly, expecially with long pads or basses splitted over multiple patterns. Can’t replicate it now anyway :)

well, actually it will work the same, i was thinking about friendlier ways of doing things. Also i miss a pre-post selector for sends. i have it in my mackie mixer and it is a very good feature as you can select if you want the send to be applied pre or post the volume fader.

i think this should be handled properly in renoise, as it can easily be done without hassles. and everything will be in sync :)

@ It-Alien: thanx for the tip !!!

Ah the note stuck problem is easily repeateable by just playing fast chords on a track registered with the record options, and then mute the track on and off, i can hear note stuck with sustained samples with fast release stage (which should drop volume soon).