Renoise File Explorer Problem loading VST samples

Could someone please tell me why I cannot drag a sample from the file explorer into a sample based vst? I can do it if I run Renoise inside of a DAW and use it’s file explorer, but not from the Renoise file explorer itself. What gives? Am I missing something?

“File explorer” in renoise has some serious issues anyway, very microsoft-ish way of “working”.

For example i can’t type “/usr/samples” where the directory is displayed, it will tell me something like “can’t find C:\CURREN~1/usr/samples” or something like that, or just completely ignore my interaction. No choice but to move/symlink stuff to “easily accessed” locations, or take 30 seconds to several minutes “winnavigates-ing” through the list.

Related: also a more serious issue, SomeTimes™ symlinks work, OtherTimes™ they don’t. Depends on which context, and which type of file/dir is pointed to, i’ll try to sum up a coherent list in the next few days.