Renoise Fm Radio And Canadian 8Bit!!!!

Alright, here it is! I said it will be happening and the time has arrived. The show is called ‘Printed Circuit’ and features all renoise artists and Canadian 8 bit artists! Also I have a little segment of hacker DIY culture too.

WHAT I’M ASKING IS… I NEED RENOISE ARTIST SUBMISSIONS!!! The show is every Wed-NES-day from 10-12pm (that’s Central Standard Time) on 95.9FM if your in Winnipeg if not you can simply go to and stream live. There will also be archives to download too!!! So PLEASE send submissions to If you want me to read a little about you the artist just include a short little explanation and I’ll be sure to read it! ALSO if you are an artist with full releases or EP’s you can send them in to our station and your music will be charted… nothing wrong with getting paid for your tunes being played eh?


Kyle ‘d0p3f15h’ Martin
Show Host and Director ;) (yesss!)

I’ve always had a “dream” (kinda a dream) to have and host a renoise radio, AWEOSME that’s FINALLY happening! AND IN FM RADIO TOO!!!

(BTW: It dosn;t have to be 8bit necessarily, anything renoise made and creative)

I’m seeing views but few submissions, cummon guys SEND AWAY! Whats it going to hurt? People will hear your music <3

I believe in this community so much that i’m dedicating time to promoting and playing out artists that specifically use Renoise so send away <3!!!



What kind of genre’s do you prefer? Filthy dubstep, experimental electronics, drone, acoustic michael jackson covers?

lol… Well it’s a chiptunes/breakcore-esque hardcore whatever the fuck show really… just send me your shit and if its a renoise user ill play it ;) non-genre specific really… not for the renoise artists that is.

I’m actually working on a song like that. I’ll be happy to send it if I finish it :lol:

I’ll be happy to play it =)

Will send you a tune tomorrow! :walkman:

Would love to send you 3-4 tracks but, since I’m a member of the german royalities collection society GEMA (which is a bitch sometimes ;) ) I’m not sure of the legal issues…!?

Fuck legal issues man, how would there be legal issues? Menh dont wanna get you in trouble or anything… just tune int o my show and see, its really not that big of a deal… just a station of volunteers who love underground music playing shit… from 10-midnight Wednesdays thats CST so youll haveto figure out the time difference…


It wont be me who would get in trouble, mate ;)

Aight well… I mean hey anyone that would like to take part this is YOUR RADIO ;) LETS DO THIS UP!!!

hey, fun show!
and thanks for playing my track :)

(btw, the mp3 on the website is mono (only the left channel), don’t know what’s up with that?)

Mono eh? hmmm… messed up. You mean on in the archives? here?


Yep, only left channel here too.

I get both… weird. Anyway keep sending track peeps ;)

Gunna bump this here… STILL NEED TRACKS! =) On the reg. guys! I plan to make this a full on tracker lovin’ radio! Mainly Renoise with some Hacker/DIY breaks inbetween =)


d0p3f15h aka Kyle.

Interesting show! :)
Unfortunately the streams are very quiet.

alright! I’ve got an album at that you could play!

Misk - Saturation

this is awesome! thanks for doing this :)

Sent you an e-mail ! Thanks a lot for that !

email sent!! :)