Renoise For Amiga Os:)

amiga one or others amiga clones like a pegasos? amiga dont have a that heavyweight tracker… i now in this time numer of amiga users is small but im thing that will tracker realy for all os:)

gratingz for all:)

There will soon be Digibooster for MorphOS and AmigaOS, see

As neither AmigaOS nor MorphOS has VST-system its pointless to port Renoise to those platforms, not to mention its hardly worth it, it would sell a couple dozen copies max.

I can ensure you that this is never going to happen. we already support 3 platforms, which is something almost no other sequencer does, and we are a small team.

If a new platform would:
a] attract lots of users
b] be easy to port the application to
c] have all the features needed to use Renoise at its full potential (which excludes Nintendo DS, iPhone, and so on)

we could even think to drop a platform in favour of another, but the new Amiga currently has none of the above features

ok, but is only promise, in amiga world is full of promise but at end its nothing, im dotn think about vst on amiga, but renoise and native effect and samples:) im think is great idea. and if digibooster realy be, wathever renoise is better:) (im think about a older verison of renoise) in amiga world is full of coders, ready for source codes and swap renoise for amiga…

gratings (sory for my little engilsh)

Yes I know, broken promises are everydaybusiness at Amigaland :) But the author programming Digibooster is very talented and has proven his abilities, even if it has taken quite a long time to make this new version of DigiBooster(too long) I am 100% it will be released shortly. Shortly being, in the world of Amiga(likes), this year :wink: