Renoise For Cellphones?...

Hello and Merry Christmas everybody.

Recently i’ve been searching for a MIDI sequencer for my K750i.
I wanted to be able to compose simple ideas and riffs when
i’m not at home or don’t have my laptop with me. I thought
that i would find many applications for this but unfortunately
i didn’t find anything satisfying (except Vibe which is a trial
and the site is down for a long time).

So, what if we could have a “stripped” version of Renoise in
Java for mobile phones?

I think it would have to be so stripped down that it would probably be quite useless and not even be remotely similar to the real Renoise. Not to mention the interface would be an absolute nightmare to work with, trying to track in notes and commands with the crappy mobile phone buttons. Eurgh!

The closest you can probably come to a mobile tracker is by getting a PDA which runs Windows CE, then using Milkytracker to create .XM’s which you can later import into Renoise. I believe you might have some success running it on a Windows Mobile based smart phone, but I’m not 100% sure. Check the Milkytracker forums for more details I guess.

I find composing on a cell-phone already a pretty ridiculous idea… It won’t be any other good for than just saving an idea you currently run around with…
In the past i usually called my voicemail at home and hummed the idea on my voicemail. Just as effective.

I use an portable audio player which can record too, and whistle the idea into it. On a side note, most of times I never find the idea interesting when I’m back home :rolleyes:

Anyway tracking on a K750 would be so cumbersome and slow that you would probably forget the idea before you got it down.
Record your voice into the K750 instead.

I do it quite often, though it can be quite embarrasing humming some melody inte a phone in public :)
As It-alien I rarly use what I recorded but still, the best ideas allways comes when you don’t sit infront of the tracker.


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Keep posting… you’ll end up there eventually… and you will find out yourself…
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You gotta loooooooooong way to go…

some things are meant for the computer screen alone…

why would you want renoise on a cell phone anyhow?

You cant monitor it properly and you cant record into it etc…

Alternatively, there’s stuff like NitroTracker for the Nintendo DS which looks kind of interesting. I’m not sure how much of a pain in the arse the interface would be, but it’s gotta be slightly better than using a cellphone keypad. :)

hah! why does those hum recordings always Never! sound like what you were thinking/ remembered!?

-must be the acoustics!

well, as far as the k750i

the thing that makes this near implausible is display size > 176 x 220 pixels, 28 x 35 mm.

there is however a java tracker, i saw a link to it on the milkytracker general forum.

whether its compatible with the java on your phone? (Java MIDP 2.0)

my best guess is… -not even close…

sorry man.

it would be cool for doing chip tunes an such.

when you get into this type of thing; ‘embedded devices’, there is so many factors.

embedded cpu architechure, operating system, stylus vs key/button mapping, screen real estate. then on top of it! the different versions of cpu’s, os’s an all the 100’s of different key/button layouts. make this a task!

regardless of hardware.
if you are very interested in having a tracker on an embedded mobile device, my advice is to support milkytracker as much as you can.

milkytracker runs on more devices than any other tracker in all of Existence!!!

then when you come back home (to renoise :) ), you load up the xm you made with milky an get to the deep edits…

I once suggested this. I do believe it could work but not as a fully functional renoise as it is now. You have to imagine one of the older trackers for Amiga with only 4 channels or even earlier on a monochrome interface. If you move up to later phones like W850i like i use myself the screen resolution is 320x240 and that’s the same as many DOS based pc games/aplications in the old days.

As far as entering notes is concered i’m sure there are constructive ways to make it pretty easy. I dont know if using samples would work but some simple FM synthesizer with presets could work. Mobilephones today can handle pretty heavy stuff, i would say quite comparable to an Amiga500 or a 386 PC. That means if u had a Smartphone with an Amiga Emulator you would be able to play Amiga games and run Amiga applications on it with ease, Screen Resolution and Processing power is enought to handle it. And later phones with higher resolutions should be enough too.

I don’t think it would be that usable in the long run, but just for messing around with when you’re waiting for the bus is enough. If you make a nice melody, exporting a midi file should be sufficient for then transfering to your PC and messing some more with it.

But for promoting Renoise as Brand i think it could have some benefits making a mobile version and having it downloadable on sites like Jamseter or other mobile content sites. That would probably introduce the tracking to MANY new users as well who doesn’t even know what tracking is.

Just my thoughts.

the are no mobile java trackers (or even simple synth) around because J2ME doesnt support saving files at all! anyway i solved this buying a pocketPC and using milkytrackerCE. there are many good phones with windows mobile OS (but yeah, theyre not cheap…)

choice: yeah there is a java tracker called craptracker, but its regular java, not mobile java (two different things)