Renoise for iOS

With Logic coming to iOS, would love to see a Renoise port


And Android too, of course :slight_smile:

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Trackers have been primarily been used with a KB+MS configuration, though I know there are some (outdated) trackers for mobiles, I’m unsure how Renoise would fare with a mobile app, especially with a touch screen interface. Have you tried using Renoise on a touch screen laptop? It’s not that fun, I say this from experience.

Also, What Apple is doing with Logic via a subscription fee is absurd IMO. Just charge the $200 again and let the users keep it indefinitely.

Personally, It doesn’t seem palpable.


Please not another (mac)OS/platform to support with bug fixes etc slowing development down further.


This. You are absolutely right. I just tried sunvox some days ago and it was just amazing to noodle around on my phone, sync the project to my nextcloud and be able to open the exact same project where I left off on my pc.

I was just dreaming away. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: PC Version and Redux development first, of course.

Supoporting iOS as a platform can be a pain in the arse, mind you, it could consume too much developer energy.

I know that renoise doesn’t push updates very often, but extra hoops to jump through for a small project can be a bit of a deadweight, especially if the software would be rather marginal in audience and usability on that platform. That’s even before we consider that turning an app into something touch driven is very much not “can’t you just”.

I feel like the time needed to develop a touch UI (and it’s a hell of a lot of UX/HCI work to do well) could be spent more profitably elsewhere, too. If challenged, I could probably think of at least one bit of core Renoise UI which could seriously benefit from being re-worked or having an alternative mode :smiley: