Renoise For Linux - Stupid Questions...?

I’ve been using renoise for windows for a long time, but I setup a nice linux box for playing around with some time ago. I remembered renoise was ported recently so I downloaded it and tried it.

Seems to run okay but playback pings the cpu to 100% and it stops alot. Tried increasing buffers to max, then I lowered to 22khz. Works better, but still not well.

I’m using vectorlinux with a 3ghz hyperthreading processor, 1 gig ram. The soundcard is umu10k soundblaster… Which works just great in my windows box with renoise strangely…

I also notice the settings for processor only show 1cpu in the renoise linux version, is this because I downloaded an unregistered copy or does even the registered linux version not support multiple cpu’s?

Anyhow, been using linux for a long time now, I track everything in milkytracker then dump to renoise to add virt synths and effects and mix and so on… I’d love to skip using my windows box completely, so if I can get renoise linux running well, I think I could do that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated…


As far as I know only ASIO is disabled in the unregistered copy (for things that would impact the efficiency).
Do you have all of the actual drivers for everything? I’ve had problems with some of the generic linux drivers negatively impacting performance. Renoise can probably use a lot more of your resources than Milkytracker so it would be more noticeable.

As far as I know all drivers are up to date and correct. Everything else on this system works great, and I’ve been using it for some time as my almost everyday machine. As far as audio, I’ve been using it for milkytracker and recording in audacity, some mixing in audacity with alot of audio tracks and that seems to run fine.

Strange that it shows one processor but I don’t know what the problem is, other apps I have see and use both processors…

Its okay I really don’t mind using renoise on the windows box, besides I’m really not doing anything else on that box most of the time…

Your right renoise can be a resource hog compared to milky. Its cool to see so much being able to be done now though. I remember back in the day scraping up every penny I could to buy a computer fast enough to do 24 or 32 channels in fast tracker…

That being said I guess I shouldn’t complain about renoise running at 22k… Sounds fine really.

Is there any linux renoise guides on the net? I checked quickly but didn’t find much. Are many people using it on linux?


about the only one CPU detected: we had a problem with HT CPU’s in the past, when they were the most fashionable CPU’s. As far as I know, this problem was never solved and that’s why you only see one CPU detectd.

about the porr performances: although the above mentioned issue could be the cause, also please check if raising the “Periods” value into “Edit => Preferences => Audio” improves the situation

Also don’t forget the common Audio on Linux tweaks:

Installing a realtime kernel:…eal-time_kernel

Setting up PAM to allow realtime threads (also in the link above):

For me running Renoise in wine and setting the sample rate to 48000 fixed these problems almost. Though wine has it’s own problems with Renoise, but it’s still the best workaround for me :S A bit slower than I was used to, but my hardware is not so good either…

Apologies if this is somewhat obvious, but I can’t find it mentioned…

You should try installing JACK (searching your repos for “qjackctl” and installing this and all dependencies should sort you out)

Think of it as ASIO for Linux, some can get acceptable performance under the default ALSA, but getting this configured correctly can help matters in many cases. Googling JACK should help you with set-up, I’m sure there are linux/renoise users keen to help on this forum (including myself) if you get stuck.

An Real-Time kernel is a good idea, but not strictly necessary IMO (I have compatibility problems with Nvidia drivers and RT kernels under my distro). I have perfectly decent performance on a single core celeron laptop, although one of the newer ones.

If you get a RT kernel, the addition of the correct permissions to your user config. (detailed in the linux renoise FAQ) will allow it’s use for Renoise.

As I say, apologies if you’ve done this already. I only have Linux renoise at the moment, and the mda plugins :walkman:
By cutting to fewer plugins and using the internal sampler more, I reckon I’ve got more done when I was using the windows version (YMMV).

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with


I got a batch load more of Xruns without RT kernel than with…
Not always with a noticable effect, nevertheless, RT improves on more areas…