Renoise For Live Work - Splitting Audio From Tracks?

Really simple question (but can’t find a simple answer!):

Looking for a way to split sound from renoise to go to a mixing desk.

For example, a .xrns file is set up where:

Track 1: sequenced drums
Track 2: sequenced synth
Track 3: blank track with synth vst loaded, for playing live with midi keyboard
Track 4: microphone line input

Audio from these 4 tracks needs to be separated before going to desk. Renoise wiki mentions the ‘audio routing control’ in the mixer but not sure how to set up or if additional mixer software/hardware or extra Renoise tool is needed.

Using an Edirol/Roland UA-25 - what’s the next bit of hardware/software in the chain? Or maybe need something else entirely?

Any help much appreciated!

Hi and welcome to the forums!

First the good news, assign track outputs is simple to do via the mixer view. Ensure that the display audio routing (looks like: ) is enabled as per this page and they will appear at the bottom of each track’s mixer channel.

Unfortunately, now the bad news. The UA-25 only has a single audio pair of outputs. Thus, you only have a single output to pick from in the above mixer view. While you could create two mono outputs by assigned two tracks to this output pair and panning one hard left and another hard right, there is no way to get four outputs. You will need a different audio interface for this method of working.

Thanks for quick reply! Although only a single pair of outputs on the ua-25 I thought maybe it would show up in the audio routing dropdown as separate L and R options or something (I just get one - ‘OUT & OUT ®’).

So, in the Renoise audio router (and if I was hooked up to a proper usb mixer), rather than the one option above I’d get a list of available channels to send the tracks to?


Thanks - time to find a mixer and bring Renoise for a walk…