Renoise For Tablet And Android Os?

Hi, I have a question to the Renoise staff: Do you plan to set up a version of Renoise systems for Android Tablet?

There have been several discussions about this topic in the past.

Please search the forum for terms like: android, tablet, ipad, etc.

If you think about how many small buttons there are, then it should make sense to say it’s simply not feasible, but maybe it’s possible to make the tablet work as a companion in some form, maybe the touch screen would be good for cutting samples or making automation?

It is good for controling Renoise as an OSC controller.

or you could just look for a real tablet with a real OS on it , like this : , so not only you could run renoise and all the plugins you wanted but on top of that you could even run anything else you’d wanted , truly this is the future of the PC or the Tablet , Ipad or whatever are just gadgets compared to those…

Renoise for iPad would be extremely good.

Unless you want to use it for making music, of course.

Tried sunvox on iphone and came to the conclusion that non-gui based sequencers like trackers don’t work well in that medium.

how about this touchscreen? :)

Concerning tablets + renoise. It would be great if there is a kind of renoise tool bridge. So that there is an app with which Renoise tools can be loaded, which can control renoise. So it would be possible to create an ultimate touch-renoise-controller for different purposes.
Would be great for live purposes.

as vV has already pointed out, there is TouchOSC for such kind of purposes. I’m completely out of this kind of stuff but I think this should be what you are looking for

For me the real keyboard is the absolute strength of a tracker. Everything can be controlled without changing input devices all the time and everything works without having to move the eyes away from the screen. So I don’t think that a tracker will ever be fun to work with on a touch screen.

But it would be great to have a fully functional playback app for Renoise songs. No need for deep editing capabilities, just basic mixing and pattern navigation.

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So yeah, port Renoise to it.

I understand the keyboard thing, but here’s another way to think about it - what’s great about the keyboard? You access a function instantaneously. If you design a tablet interface right, you can get the same advantage - you push the button specifying the function you want to perform (rather than navigating to the button and then pushing it, as you do with a mouse). So a well designed tablet interface (admittedly rare) can be as fast as a keyboard, with the advantage of being able to change what’s displayed under the keys.

Nanostudio isn’t a tracker, but once I get into the flow of it, the workflow is blazingly fast for this reason.

As far as trackers go, I personally like sunvox, although there are probably some interface optimizations it could use to reach its full potential.

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Not a bad idea, but for the coming Windows 8 tablets and/or other multi touch support tablets, tools like support for a big multi touch software keyboard, mixer, and other neat stuff would be nice. Knobs and sliders would be nice to automate by hand rather than with a mouse, especially automating several at once wich would be awesome for live performaces. This could possible work if you had a wacom bamboo touch or similar as well. That would be really neat. Maybe possible to do a nice interface for this with LUA scripting?

Last year I switched from Blackberry to iphone, and my first thought was, “Renoise on the iphone.” My second thought was, “how have they not thought of this.” So I’ve had my iphone… mmmm, just about a year… and I can tell you that I have not purchased an app in um… 8 months… I think is a good guestimate… When I got the iphone, I bought several apps… Ik Multimedia, Prop heads, Stock trade whatever… etc, etc… and I do not use em at all. So the minute I noticed that I was, “not using these apps at all,” I said to myself, “forget this, I am not buying any more apps.”

There is a big huge logistics problem with using these tiny little gizmos for proper work.

I think the future of important software is, "cloud services, and big screens, or “google goggles.” Virtual reality sunglasses or whatever. We probably do not have to worry about Renoise on Sunglasses just yet…

Edit = least to say, “I’m agree with the current sentiment, that Renoise on the mobile devices, is probably not the best investment of time and resources.”

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A good example of a tracker/synthesizer on Android and iOS is SunVox. It’s an amazing tool, and there are versions for Linux. Win32, and OSX as well.

It’s a little tight on my G2 phone, but still quite usable, and I have no problem on my Transformer Prime tablet.

It does not have all the features and options that Renoise has, but it is still quite powerful (and has some features Renoise should copy), and shows that you can produce a good usable tracker for assorted form factors.

Interesting. I’ve been having a blast making music with SunVox and PixiTracker on my G2 phone. Its great for assorted drawing programs as well. I’ve recorded pieces on my phone using Tape Machine to record some samples and edit them down, and then imported them into SunVox for looping and additional sounds. Many apps have poorly designed GUIs but there are some things that turn your phone into a usable porta-studio. Even better when on a tablet.

yeah, i’ve been using sunvox quite a bit on my galaxy nexus and it’s fun. ofc, it’s not as fast as tracking with a keyb + mouse but the great thing is that you have that little toy with you everywhere.

it works well for laying down basic stuff like rhythms, chords and melodies… for making an outline of a track much like you’d do on a sheet of paper.

best of all: you can sit out in the sun on the balcony and fiddle with it! :)