Renoise for Win95

Any plans to have a Renoise version for Windows 95?

I got a Turtle Beach Pinnacle + HOMAC daughterboard

Of course I am joking. Have not been around in ages and today I decided to download new version and pay for the upgrade cost.

I discovered I am still OK till Ver 3.1

I actually got the TB Pinnacle + HOMAC on a DOS/Win95 PC.

Exactly - and when will Renoise support DOS?

Some of us are still stuck on os/2 warp4 ! Support plx!

It’s probably never gonna happen, Renoise crashes mouse drivers in Window 3.11 so they pulled out of Win95 support.

TOS plz, let me get my Atari from the basement! :wink:

Get yourself a proper cubase…but it won`t cope bars & pipes…

Throw in a C64 version while at it. :yeah:

When will the renoise watch be released?

If you’re lucky, linux might run on that box, and so renoise. Wondering how sluggish the interface might be, and how soon the dsp load would cause dropouts.

Edit: Processor got SSE?

I have this old analog calculator i want to run Renoise on, can i expect this to happen in the near future?