Renoise For X64

i have win7 x64 and im wont a renoise x64:)

Most VST plugins won’t do X64 currently either ;)

yes thats right but i have vst for x64 and now look in t
he kvr-audio site. most popular producents of the vst instruments write nev versions for x64.
if i run x86 aplication on my computer my windows must emulate a x86 procesor:)

it’s not about those that don’t, but those that do…

I would like the X64 version too.

I’ve been waiting for the x64 version for what feels like ages. It’s my most wanted feature BY FAR. For those who say that almost no plugins support 64-bits: I have no idea which ones you use, but all of mine (Play, Kontakt, Omnisphere, Stylus RMX, Ozone) except one (Tau Pro) do, and the one that doesn’t can easily be converted with jBridge. I’m running 64-bit Cubase 5 in Win7 flawlessly.

hmm, would be ace for sure!

but iirc these other apps are by far more expensive and a few want money for an update.

so i can wait, for that time, jbridge is good enough.