Renoise Format Compatibility?


It seems that Renoise is pretty bad at importing/converting music files(MOD, XM, IT etc).

When dealing with MODs, most pitchrelated commands sound pretty wierd (1xx,2xx,3xx,4xx and the variants with volumecontrol 6xx etc), all commands apear not to be supported/converted.

XMs sound strange(hanging notes, off pitch notes etc.), Same with ITs.

I don’t know if it’s the internal format that lacks support for the features used in the other formats or if it’s simply a case of bad import modules?

For example MikMod converts a load of different formats to it’s internal format before playback and manages it amazingly well.

I really hope that future versions of Renoise will have vastly improved import functions and support even more file formats, and most of all ‘correct’ import.

Does anyone else feel the same way about the import issue??
Should this be classified as a ‘bug’?.

the target of the Renoise development is not a 100% accuracy in playing other mod-formats (devs correct me if i’m wrong). the xm & mod import works very well and you get a 100% data import (notes & sequence & samples) …

if i want to play mods with original sound i use modplayers or the old trackers.

but yes - you are right - we need more import formats (MMMEEEEDDD) AND midi-export!!!


I can understand that 100% compatiblity is out of the question.

Guess the only way to get the old ‘sound’ back is to export the old file with what ever program created it but that’s not a viable option either since Renoise can’t stream the sound from disk and the lenght of the samples seems to be limited?

As for XM/IT, sure the Instruments and note data is imported but not correctly interpeted?
What else would cause the hanging notes?(NNA defaults to continue?).

As for old MED/Octamed compatiblity i’d love to see the ‘macro instruments’ coming back that old Amiga version had.

:lol: LOL. Word!




Weeelll, I would probably like to reworks some of my older mods. I’ve been tracking since 1987. :blink:

But I can’t, since all those old mods are on my boxed up Amiga in my parents attic somewhere. Too bad the floppy disc format is incompatible with a pc… :lol:

Guess i’ll just have to spend some time and correct the errors by hand after the file is inside renoise.
But some pieces are just plain impossible to get to even sound remotelly similar to the original after import.

Here’s an example piece that’s just too messed up when imported into renoise.
(Not my tune, just a nice ‘old’ piece that could be fun to remix).

it would be nice to find some volonterous programmers able to do an external plug in ( mod plug souces are GPL now, and the playback is Very good).
doing so, we would have our xm importer ( and I ll be able to play live with renoise at least!!!) and we would not load the rns team ( who has enough work :slight_smile:


Just asking out of curiousity:

Why do you need an xm importer to play live with Renoise? :blink:

Really? Doesn’t Amiga use 3.5" DD format? 720kb? PC floppy drives should read this format right?

the fact that the diskettes are the same size and type does not mean that they can be read without any problem: the type of writing that Amiga FDD does is not possible to be read by PC FDD, while Amiga FDD can, with some software, read PC diskettes.

Nowadays the best solution is of course an Intranet file exchange.

Maybe you will find this helpful:

Download XMPlay here.
This program has very good mod playback and it also allows you to render each instrument in your mods to separate files.
I haven’t tried this feature myself (and cannot atm since I’m at work) but it could be worth a shot if you need to edit your old songs…

On the Amiga just mount df0 as Pc0, then take a normal pc disc and tape over the left hole. Now format it on the amiga as a PC disc. You can now save your mods to the pc disk on the amiga and read the disc on your pc.

But you have to rename the mods on the pc…

coz i ve some ( many ) XM that i need to play. :slight_smile:


Actually it is possible to read Amiga floppies, but you need to do some modifications inside your PC floppy drive.

Yes and this is because the Amiga floppy drive does some extra’s that PC-drive’s don’t do.

It is even worse when speaking about 5,25" floppy drives of the Commodore 64.
You can’t read C64 disks on an ordinary PC-5,24" floppy drive either.
And you can’t modify a 5,24"pc drive to enable it to read such floppies, or you must change a lot of electronics and wiring, it’s better to hook up a 1541 through parallel mode to you PC instead.

if you search the best player for modules and more
give a try to deliplayer 2, it support 230 formats !
most of the exotic formats are supported
the sound quality is great

highly required for owners of mods anthology cds :)