Renoise forum ftp folders for profiles

a way where we can contribute phrases / project / presets / instruments,_ individually, and download keep updated easy, keep a full backup.
where we all have folders on a ftp and can upload through renoise forum, and it only accepts the renoise formats.

ftp is a massive security risk and no one should use it.

But, aside from that, having to supervise disk usage by people is just one more job for someone who probably does not want one more job.


so is owning a computer, and online computer and offline computer, mobiles, BRAINS!!! a bank account, streaming service’s, a youtube account, a NI Number so on and so on.

Pretty clear you are not looking for any sort of adult discussion here.


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good idea… git can be used instead… one public repo, where many contribute - and clone massive collection… is a good place i guess