Renoise Freezing

Description of the problem:

So, I’ve recently purchased and downloaded Renoise (last month I think). And it was working fine until it started to have bugs almost everytime I tried to used it (I have some screenshots here: Captura-de-Tela-195 — ImgBB, Captura-de-Tela-196 — ImgBB but overall there were so many bugs that I just gave up, anyways)
So I had enough and wanted to report about this new bug that won’t let me work, for some reason Renoise is presenting random freezes (example: 2021-06-29 16-53-59-1 in the video you can see it has nothing to do with a vst or cpu/ram consumption) it just freezes the grid, it doesn’t let me scroll/play/pause.

Steps to reproduce look like this:

I don’t have a clue, it’s random, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. I know it sucks and devs cant really look into it without more details but I don’t think there’s a constant (not that I’m aware of), it just happens. A few minutes ago I tried opening and closening it 3 times to no avail (when I decided to record the video above). The other DAWs I work (Reaper and Live, use the same audio settings in every DAW) are working just fine. I’m on Windows 20H2 (if that matters). I’m going to reinstall it again (I’d made a clean reinstall when the bugs first started). I’m kinda disappointed since it prevents me from working but this is a bug report and I’m aware it’s besides the point so I apologize if I talked too much.

Log.txt (3.8 MB)

EDIT: restarted my pc and its working fine for now, didn’t have to go through the reinstall
EDIT 2: maybe this helps but it happened again immediately after I opened Sononym (can confirm it happens almost everytime I open Sononym for some reason, although it happened without Sononym before). Botch applications are legitimate. Unfortunately I had to restart Renoise and almost lost the last tweaks I’d made in the track I was working on.

If you go to “help” in the menu navbar, you will see an option to, “show the log file.” If you upload the log file to this thread, a user or the devs may be able to figure out your issue very quickly

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Thanks! Didn’t know that, I’ll upload it immediately

I hate to be picky like this, but if you could go through the log file and point out precisely which instance the crash occurred, that would also be really helpful, because I find myself reading and reading the log file and it’s like such a long log file

Also, another thing that’s concerning is that I think a lot of people don’t really find renoise very buggy, so if you find it very buggy on your system that’s definitely a red flag

The last thing I would say about this, is that it seems to be that at least one crash had to do with some sort of script that you ran, probably related to a tool or something

It’s the very last thing I would say about this is that make sure you’ve updated those arturia plugins, I bought those plugins on sale when they were 1st released and I happen to know that when I 1st got them, they were buggy as all get out

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Yes that would be @Ledger Note Properties tool. It is a separate thing to do with the way Ledger is bound checking what values can go in the volume and pan rotary dials. (Suggest modifying lines 167 and 188 (this in version 1.1) to probably read more like:)

167  if cur_note.volume_value >= 128 then

188  if cur_note.panning_value >= 128 then

Looking quick I think you’ll find one of the crashes of a vst was to do with Arturia, but can’t rule out other things going on because of the transport not moving/playing issue (rewire/fl studio asio etc?)

Not picky at all, you’re right, I apologize for my lack of understanding, I’m not really familiar with log files, programming etc, I’ll upload the last crash I had last night and how I was able to reproduce it:
last_crash.txt (25.4 KB)

What I was able to observe and how to reproduce it:

Earlier yesterday I wrote that Sinonym had something to do with it. Well, apparently it happens when the audio settings are set to use FL Studio ASIO and I open Sinonym, it happened in other circunstances but this is what I was able to reproduce (check log file). It’s worth mentioning that this wasn’t happening last month when I first started using it.

Thanks for you help!

Thanks for your insights, I don’t know if the Arturia software has anything to do with even because I don’t have any of these problems with Reaper but maybe is best to update it, yeah. Also, you mentioned ASIO, for some reason the problem happens when FL Studio ASIO is set, the moment I change it for regular ASIO it stops, I’ve always used FL Studio ASIO but this just started recently.

What is your soundcard? Why are you using FLStudio AsioDriver?

Try this:

Edit - I see you have this (asio4all) installed on your machine already

The other thing I might try, if I was having asio issues is a driver promoted on the renoise forum

27 downloads lol…

But what is your Audio card?

I have ASIO but mainly use FL Studio ASIO since it doesn’t mutes my other audio sources, I’ve never experienced any problem with it at all in a couple years using it, By the way I’m still using it on Reaper and was using with Renoise without any issues.

thanks for the resource, I’m using my motherboard’s soundcard.

I think a real audio interface might be a good investment. Reading your log, I thought maybe it was some sort of PCI card, but if it is the motherboard card… I am sorry, but I think that is a big issue.

Maybe I am, “old school,” but I have learned that you must have some sort of audio interface for music production.

I don’t know what your budget is, but you can’t get a really descent interface for less than 150 euro or 200 dollars…

You could even buy the cheapest Steinberg Audio Interface around

and it would be lightyears beyond your soundcard

but the point here would be, "Steinberg’s in house driver + way better latency and sound quality.

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How come is my motherboard if Reaper, Fl Studio, Ableton Live, Audacity…all work just fine with the same driver? I have an audio interface (SSL 2) but I don’t see the point of keeping it on if I’m not recording or doing something that requires it. Not that I’m an expert or anything, quite the contrary, I started two years ago, still learning.

Latency… What is your sample rate, and what are your preference settings?

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I mean, I’m not recording anything, why would latency matter in this case? Just asking because I’ve been using it for a couple years now with a few DAWs and never had any problems. Maybe I’ve been doing something very wrong. I’m really not 100% sure.

I myself am not a digital signal processing expert. I have been producing and working with DAWS since 2005. Renoise since 2007? I bought a license at like version 1.6 or 1.7… so whatever that was.

During this time, I’ve worked with Cubase, Ableton, Reaper, Sonar, and Renoise as my main, “DAWs,” – Renoise is a tracker, but consider it a daw to make that statement true.

And this is what I can tell you:

  1. All these programs have strange quirks unique to themselves.
  2. Some asio drivers work better with others, and you never know which driver a daw is going to click best with which driver.
  3. A vst plugin that crashes in 1 daw, might not crash in another.
  4. You need a real audio interface.
  5. Whether you are recording or not, latency matters. The buffer size matters, how your audio card handles the clock frequency matters. Latency matters when your mixing and making adjustments on the mixer/plugins.

I hate to say things like this on music forums, because there is always some very techy person who comes along to tell me, “i’m wrong.” But honestly, I do not believe your motherboard soundcard is clicking with Renoise… and that goes back to #1 and #2 on my list above.

Maybe it works with all your other daws. but its not working here. and that might not be Renoise’s fault. Renoise is designed as a pro audio software. Start with a pro-card. The motherboard card does not qualify

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I see…Well, It won’t hurt to try using my interface, lets see what changes. I really appreciate your insights, you’re clearly knowledgeable and has more experience than me, I hope you didn’t get the impression that I’m trying to contradict what you’re saying I’m just trying to clear some doubts since I’m new to this.

On this same topic: do you think keeping the interface connected to the PC very often can cause any malfunction or issue? I spend hours every using audio softwares, etc.

I hope you didn’t think I was snapping at you, or being anything less than helpful :slight_smile:

I can have an abrasive personality

I had a komplete audio 6 on every day for 10 years before it eventually became unstable.

And I leave my current audio interface always connected and on

Tbh all my renoise issues, when they do come up… are plugin related

But trust me… renoise likes real audio interfaces

I think it is an SDK problem. If you are using an MSI operator, try to update the MSI SDK. Or rollback the Windows Updates from Updates history. Just find the date after which Renoise started to crash and glitch “it was working fine until it started to have bugs almost everytime I tried to used it” = 99,9% this could happen after some windows updates. Search for the update that causes such a problem on windows forums . I am pretty sure that this not a bug from Renoise itself.