Hi all.

I made tutorial for newbies. [but in japanese]
Although there is English translation function,
it’s slow and a little foolish. [sometimes fails] :(

Hi Renoise Team.

Thanks for developing V1.5. It’s great!! :walkman:
Please change the URL of my site at LINKS page.
New URL is


Sato: I hardly understand why you put so much effort into making great tutorials in japanese.

wouldn’t be better to make them directly in english?

also (just asking): don’t majority of japanese people speak english?

thanks for your constant support in ReNoise knowledge spreading :yeah:

I thought japanese faces where like these: ^_^

or at least they had eyes, noses and mouthes as everyone else :D

(note: this message was written before the second image was added by Bantai)

Most Japanese have inferiority complex in English. me too. :(
If you ask me to make that site in English, I will be …
:eek: :eek: :eek:
“Nakata” is special.

Umm, she is not sexy… :blink:

Well, you can always try his English translator link…_co=excitejapan

It’s great a Japanese WIKI site :P

(btw, some of the info is actually pretty good, though the english translation sometimes makes silly reconstructions of the scentences, i get the picture :P )

Btw:I have an English Renoise 1.5 WIKI site, but currently, there are still some strange bugs in Renoise Alpha, so i wait with publishing until Beta is out.

Awh, shoot what the hack :

Anyone participating in the Alpha testing is allowed to edit or change things.
It’s not a closed tutorial site: you’re not hacking anything if you click the edit link, some parts are locked, most are open.

Feel free to give a hand.

Wooooow!! It’s really excellent!! :w00t:
It is the cool site which is consulted very much.
I will visit there frequently.

Thank you for linking, vvoois. (^o^)v