Renoise gets the song length wrong when rendering song to disk

Hi there,

I’ve noticed this before, but thought it was my own mistake. This time however it’s very clear that Renoise gets the length wrong while exporting.
It goes to the end of the song and then loops back, all while writing the file.
Setting a range instead of whole song doesn’t make a difference.
In this particular song I’ve used the pattern break command ZBxx twice, of which one is not ZB00 but jumps to a different line in the next pattern.
I’m pretty certain that this is what causes it to happen.
It’s not really a big deal because you can cut the extra song bits off the end in an audio editor, but of course it’s an error all the same ;)/>

That’s the magic of Renoise’s song rendering engine. You never know what surprises you’re going to get.