Renoise Go Funky

Hello my dear friends !
In this video i will show you how did i made Renoise 2.8 go FUNKY!

It is a very simple method for those who love to write Funky and Soulful music :

  1. 1- You can chose any of your favorite synth to record the base chords from. in my case i used Audjoo HELIX << my secret weapon ^_*
  2. 2-Record any Maj7 chord from your synth to an empty sample slot , for example C maj7
  3. 3-Record any min7 chord from your synth to Another empty sample slot , For example C min7
  4. 4-Play the notes that you recorded in the same pattern \ mixer track , so it can save the general character of the sound,

_ Remember _ that in this case a one note touch can play the whole chord > C plays c major 7 if you select the cmaj7 sample / c min7 if you select the c min7 chord …etc . This way will save so much time of writing a 4 notes chords and stuff like that while making a funky or soulful house track :slight_smile: