Renoise - Good Like Scream Tracker 3


Thanks for everyone who registered, and supported the Renoise software project so that Renoise could continually improve and stay alive for the past 9 years and ($49 each so TakTik can drive a Koenigsegg). :lol:

You’ve seen all the ones that never fully came out or died (Impulse Tracker 3, Skale, FLAW, ModPlug, Aero Studio…etc) and the ones that refuse to die (Buzz/Psycle/FT2)

Renoise is still coming strong. Now it competes and both functions with Propellorheads Reason, Queerbase VST, and FL (Fruity Loops hates Mac people).

So Register, Make your Music, and have fun! :drummer:

Why compare FT2 with Buzz and Modplug is very alive.

Modplug is alive, but the original programmer Olivier Lapique deserted it i believe…
Although, Aguru (Rip) ain’t programming Renoise (fka NoiseTrekker) anylonger either…

I thought modplug was dead, guess not. :o Same with Jeskola Buzz. I liked ModPlug (9 years ago). I tried Madtracker for a short while (7 years ago). 3 was so hyped and never came out.

I paid for and believe in the Renoise development.

Yeppp!!! Gold words!!!

One can never praise Renoise and its development enough… :walkman:

Personally I have never met any intelligent person who, when exposed to Renoise for the first time, concludes that it’s not worth investigating further. That’s good news!

Of course, the software is extremely rewarding for those who take the time to learn the actual skills of tracking. Many, many people will find Renoise impressive when they observe the workflow and end results of a skilled tracker, or when they actually experience the fast speed while driving on the road of creativity and productivity themselves.

But when it comes to actually spending the time necessary to develop a workflow within the tracker paradigm (that in many respects is more beneficial compared to working within the conventional DAW paradigm), there seems to be tough resistance involved somewhere in the circuit.

Although I’m very optimistic. Renoise seems to have the potential to become the king of the hill for future music production neophiles, because it niches itself with integrity today while pushing deeper into the Terra Nova of trackers tomorrow. So while other music softwares constantly face the risk of becoming bloatware on an already crowded market, Renoise positions itself as a stable product that really has something new to offer. At least for the people who are very active minded and seek out the best for their personal workflow and creativity.

As you aluded to, Renoise is highly benificial to those who take the time to learn. Yet, the learning curve is higher for a newbie who has never used a tracker before.

Think back to how you learned your first tracker? Probably by opening, open source songs (.XM/IT) and playing around with them. Ripping samples…ect.

I think Renoise should include some more example songs, and the website should have a section with open source .RNS files (without VST) with different tempos, and music styles. :D