Renoise Gui

I love Renoise GUI! I would like to know how it is programmed. Which GUI library is used?

Thx a lot!

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It’s own gui in directdraw.
It is actually sort of a game engine, but then to produce audio.

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Even the menus and file navigation are rendered in directdraw?

So its directdraw in windows and opengl in mac? Everything wrapped by a single interface? Is it programmed in C++?

Its really well done! Was everything done from scratch? At first I thought it was done through skinning. But to create all controls/menus/windows from scratch with opengl/dx really takes time.

I would very much hope that Renoise wasn’t using a bloated 3rd party gui :P … no offense, but 3rd party guis tend to be all-purpose solutions that are designed to be used in as many situations as possible, and are therefore not necessarily going to be optimized to specific tasks. While these sorts of guis may be excellent for game development, as most games don’t rely heavily on their menu systems during gameplay, they would be undoubtedly slow when being used as vigorously as Renoise uses its gui.

You could check out the Agar library, which is kinda similar. It seems it supports custom drawing/themes, so might be what you want.

yah, if you’re looking for guis, I hear Crazy Eddie has a gui that will really whip the donkey’s ass