Renoise + Halion


Just wondering if any of you old users have had any success loading up HALion under Renoise and importing any Samples into HALion… I just got Renoise to see if its VST Support was any different than what I am used too with Cubase, My machine is nicely configured for Audio, but i’m running out of VST Power, so I thought I may as well look at some other avenues for VST Processing, I used Buzz quite a bit a few years back, and these days it crashes more than Windows Millenium, so… thats a no go. So I thought i’d try Renoise, it seems quite nice, I did get one crash though, but i’m still looking at checking it out.

I go to the Instrument Settings --> VST --> Instrument --> Load up HALion… Then go to Import, browse for HALion banks --> Then select my HALion samples directory, and nothing appears.

which version of HAlion are you using?

I used 1.1 and 1.2 with no problems, though it was eating CPU power as mad, so I switched to NI Kontakt which is in my opinion far better.

I’ve never tried any other HAlion version.

By the way, ReNoise is certainly not the lightest VST host on earth, because it does not support multitimbrality, so you have to load an instance for each program you want to use.

Hmm, no matter what I do, it still doesn’t work…